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November 2014

More than a book. It’s a chance to change a life.

The Poverty DiariesYesterday, after a lot of effort and more than a few hesitations, I released The Poverty Diaries for sale. It’s 6 years’ worth of excerpts from my diaries, detailing my struggles to make my way from poverty to prosperity. You might have heard of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado. It’s currently the number 1 seller in the area of Social Sciences under the topic of Poverty. I hope to change that.Read More »More than a book. It’s a chance to change a life.

Investing In Myself & Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

YBBBP_DigitalBlack_si08_420x400I don’t remember exactly how long ago it was that I stumbled across Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, written by Linda Siversten and Danielle Laporte. I know that I wanted it, but I was afraid to invest in it. I was afraid to spend the $150 it would cost me to get it.  Even after they created a payment plan, I hesitated. What if I was wrong? What if I spent the money and it didn’t work for me, or I couldn’t make it work?Read More »Investing In Myself & Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

Your Book Checklist


A list of things to include in your bookYour Book Checklist

There are several key things you will want to be sure you have included in your book when you are preparing to publish it.  I will go over these things in this article and explain to you why they matter and how these items can help with your book marketing.Read More »Your Book Checklist

Storytelling 101: Adapting For Genre

Little Red Riding Hood in Space

Little Red Riding Hood in Space

Over the last three installments of Story Telling 101, I’ve talked about how to take a well-known story, craft an outline for it, and start tailoring it to fit your style.  Today I’m going to cover taking that outline and adapting it for various genres.   If you have never thought of Little Red Riding Hood as something other than a fairy tale, hold on to your seats.Read More »Storytelling 101: Adapting For Genre