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January 2016

The 78 Special

Thanks to Twitter’s How We’ll Prompt for the inspiration.

The 78 Special
The sleek bullet train slid to a stop in the downtown shopping center at precisely 8:00 pm. The warm yellow glow from the conductor’s cabin pierced the dull muted greys of city life, beckoning to the adventurous with promises of something exciting to be found just the other side of its gleaming glass doors.Read More »The 78 Special

How to Get the Writing Support You Need

Get Support for Your WritingRecently, a discussion took place with some ladies I know. One of them felt very discouraged that she couldn’t get her loved ones to believe in her dreams. They seemed intent on pointing out all the obstacles and couldn’t share her vision. It’s a situation I understand well, because I have been there myself. I have been the dreamer who could not get anyone else to believe, and I’ll share with you what I learned on the way to becoming a published author.Read More »How to Get the Writing Support You Need

Crowdfunding a Dream: Facing Down Discouragement

Writers Don't QuitThree days ago, it’s hard to believe, we launched the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign of our lives. It wasn’t just the project – to bring a reality tv show based on writing to the airwaves. It was also the amount of money needed to do it – $1.5 million dollars. Today, with just $5 in donations amassed in that 3 days, I find myself looking at just how ambitious the project really is.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: Facing Down Discouragement

No Time to Write

5 Tips for Finding Writing TimeIn 2013, shortly after starting up a writer’s group, I put out a survey to my writers. What was their number one hurdle in finishing a book? The answer was most often finding time. Three months later, I introduced my third book in six months: The Write Time.Read More »No Time to Write

When Writing Is Too Hard

If Writing a Book Seems HardSometimes writers put off writing because they think it’s going to be too hard. They think about writing 60,000 words and they get overwhelmed by the numbers and their inspiration dries up and withers away. I will share with you my experiences.Read More »When Writing Is Too Hard

How to Get Started

5-steps-to-start-writingThe hardest obstacle for most writers to overcome is figuring out where to start. Today, I’m going to outline a process that I’ve been using for some time and that I find works well for me. It’s just five steps long, but these powerful five steps will give you a path forward and allow you to start moving toward your goal of writing a book.Read More »How to Get Started