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February 2016

Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change

Power to ChangeIn my last post on Crowdfunding a Dream, I talked about the fact that my original goal of starting a TV show was just that would let viewers take an inside look at the process of taking a book from conception through publication. And then it became something more. It became a mission to help others reclaim their power by learning to do what the powers that be fear most: to stand up, speak out, and make themselves heard.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change

A Dandelion People

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Become a Dandelion PersonI am writing, slowly, the story of my life and I wanted to share the introduction to it with you because I think the message is one you need to hear. Too often as writers we allow our voices to be stilled and silenced because we are afraid that we don’t have anything to say that someone will see as worthwhile or valuable. I am on a mission to change that, and this is part of that journey.Read More »A Dandelion People

Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission, A Message, A Manifesto

40 Day Writer Reality TV15 Days ago today, we started an ambitious campaign that was absolutely breathtaking in its scope: a campaign to start a reality tv show featuring writers, agents, and publishers so that the world could get an inside peek into the realities of what it takes to bring a book from conception to publication. We needed $1.25 million dollars to do it – a daunting amount. But we set our doubts and fears aside and we launched it anyway. Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission, A Message, A Manifesto

Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

Getting Help from Family & FriendsWe’ve all been there. We turn over our precious baby made of ink and paper to our family or our friends and we wait, eager to receive the responses that will validate our hopes we’ve written something worthy of praise. Then, we get their “feedback” and it’s all but useless to us. The usual responses come:

“It’s great, honey,” or

“It’s okay, I guess.”

Or worse, they say nothing.Read More »Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

Finding the Story with Suria Sparks

Finding the Story with Suria SparksMany people wonder just what it is a writing coach does, and it’s a fair question. The answer varies with the coach, but for the most part what I do is help people see the story inside of them and frame it in a way that will get other people excited about hearing it.

With her permission, I’m giving you a (mostly) unedited peek into my first coaching session with Suria Mohd ( Suria Sparks ), social media maven & successful entrepreneur with over 300K followers and 70 million views on her Facebook videos, so that you can see how things work.Read More »Finding the Story with Suria Sparks

Crowdfunding a Dream: Evaluating Progress

Crowdfunding TipsI was looking over the progress the campaign has made last night and thinking up strategies to help us plan a path forward that will help make it more successful, because writers don’t quit, when I decided to look at the numbers and see what I could learn from them. The results tell me a lot about what’s really happening with the campaign, and where there’s room for improvement.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: Evaluating Progress