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April 2016

Testing Your Book Idea

Testing Your Book Idea
Recently, someone came to me asking if I thought their idea for a book was a good one. What they wanted to know was whether I thought it would sell or not. This is an important question. Sometimes writers don’t think to ask that question until after they’ve written the book already. Asking it at the beginning of the process can save you a lot of headache and heart ache.Read More »Testing Your Book Idea

10 Stages of Writing Fiction

10 Stages of Writing Fiction
There are 10 stages I recommend writers go through in producing a quality work of fiction. The stages have evolved over the years as my experience with writing grows and I’ve seen more of what works and what doesn’t. The only published work of fiction I have to my name is The Secret of the Lantern. These are the stages I went through to get it to a finished product, one that I am proud to be able to present to others.Read More »10 Stages of Writing Fiction

The Real Reasons Authors & Artists Starve

Why Authors & Artists StarveI am about to give you a lot of hard truths, ugly truths, truths that you might not want to hear but that you need to hear if you’re going to change your life and accomplish your mission of bringing your work to the world. It’s also the truth you need to hear if you ever want to actually make enough money off your work that you can build a life, not just settle for a living or for paying back the costs of what it took you to produce the work in the first place. I’m going to tell you the real reasons that authors & artists starve. Then I’m going to tell you what you can do about that.Read More »The Real Reasons Authors & Artists Starve

CreateSpace, Shipping and UPS

Bad ServiceLast week, I ordered 5 copies of The Secret of the Lantern for a radio interview I have coming up on Thursday, April 14th. I ordered the books last Tuesday. They were shipped on Friday. I have no complaints there. I didn’t pay for expedited printing. My complaints are all related to the dynamics of how those books are shipped.Read More »CreateSpace, Shipping and UPS

How to Train Your Procrastination Dragons and Get Writing

Taming Procrastination DragonsI haven’t done much writing this month.


But it’s not really my fault. You see, I have a bit of a problem with dragons.

Not so much the scaly animals with wings, but the metaphorical sort of dragons: the epic personal struggles we all undergo.

There are five procrastination dragons in my writing room, and it’s taking me a long time to train them.Read More »How to Train Your Procrastination Dragons and Get Writing