Month: May 2016

Testing Stage 3: Your Unique Selling Position

In the last article in the series, we covered scouting your competition as a way of testing your book idea. But when you look at all the competition out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and to start doubting that your book has something to offer. This is where it’s important to look and see […]

Crowdfunding a Dream: Picking Yourself Up After Failure

Three months ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and bring my vision of a reality tv show where 40 writers compete over 40 days to prepare, polish, and pitch their book ideas to publishers who then compete Shark Tank style for the rights to publish them. There is no humiliation quite so great […]

The World Needs Us. Are We Stepping Up?

I get it. The low pay, the long hours, the isolation, and the uncertainties involved in writing can all lead us to believe we’re not that important, that we don’t really matter, and that what we do doesn’t really make a difference. It’s easy to doubt that what we do makes a difference because we […]