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May 2016

The Ghost Writer

Why I Ghost WriteThey come to me for help in telling their stories. They come to me from all walks of life. Some are running successful businesses making multiple millions of dollars. Some are barely scraping by and each day is filled with insecurity on more levels than it is possible to describe. Each one unique, each one the same in many ways. And I listen as they speak. Sometimes I ask questions, diving into their thoughts and their lives, removing the masks and the layers of wrappings that hide them as I go. Read More »The Ghost Writer

Testing Stage 3: Your Unique Selling Position

Testing Your Book Idea: The USPIn the last article in the series, we covered scouting your competition as a way of testing your book idea. But when you look at all the competition out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and to start doubting that your book has something to offer. This is where it’s important to look and see if you can find a unique selling position that will help set your book apart from all the rest.Read More »Testing Stage 3: Your Unique Selling Position

Crowdfunding a Dream: Picking Yourself Up After Failure

Picking Yourself Up from FailureThree months ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and bring my vision of a reality tv show where 40 writers compete over 40 days to prepare, polish, and pitch their book ideas to publishers who then compete Shark Tank style for the rights to publish them. There is no humiliation quite so great as failing in a big way in front of an audience. And my attempts to raise 1.25 million dollars in 40 days was a colossal failure.
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The World Needs Us. Are We Stepping Up?

Writers Are Leaders

I get it.

The low pay, the long hours, the isolation, and the uncertainties involved in writing can all lead us to believe we’re not that important, that we don’t really matter, and that what we do doesn’t really make a difference. It’s easy to doubt that what we do makes a difference because we so rarely receive the feedback we need to hear in order to be sure that what we’re doing is working.

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One Last Mother’s Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day
Sophia shoved her grandmother’s burgundy luggage bag into the overhead compartment and sat back down, listless, waiting for takeoff. That burgundy bag was last year’s Mother’s Day gift from her mother, the kind of thing that is passed on from mother to daughter for generations. It was going to be a long trip. Leaving her children so far behind was an odd way to spend Mother’s Day, but there was no help for it. Her own mother needed her one last time.
There was no good way to prepare for a funeral, of that she was sure. Read More »One Last Mother’s Day Gift