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June 2016

The Story of New Rich World

Story of New Rich WorldYou want to be a writer. You dream of being a success. But in order to achieve that success, you need to set goals. You need to get help from others who share your dream and find mentors to help you climb over the obstacles along the way. Christy Nguyen is on a mission to build a platform called New Rich World to provider dreamers like you the tools to do just that. This is her story.Read More »The Story of New Rich World

The Power of Testing: My Testimonial

Test Before WritingTwo years ago, I set out to revise my first book, How to Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less). The first draft was done in 40 days. But, I didn’t release it. I wanted to test this version first, to be sure that the instructions I was giving would work for anyone who bought the book, not just me. I ended up testing bits and pieces of it here and there, but largely shelving the ideas because I wasn’t confident enough to release them. Read More »The Power of Testing: My Testimonial

The Confidence Cornerstone

Cornerstone of ConfidenceYou lack confidence. But you weren’t always this way. Babies do not come out of the womb doubting themselves. They believe that if anyone around them can do something, there is no reason they can’t do it, too. They have no fear of failure or of falling. They fall numerous times over without hesitating to get back up again. They may get frustrated, angry, and give in temporarily, but they don’t quit until they have mastered the skills they need to get where they want to be.Read More »The Confidence Cornerstone

Chapter Two: Into the Abyss

Chapter 2: Into the Abyss
This is the continuation of An Encounter with Hope. If you missed Chapter 1, I recommend you read it first.

“I’m sorry. You’re bankrupt. There’s nothing left.”

I hear the words being spoken by my accountant but my brain can’t accept them. It seems impossible? How did I go from having over a million dollars in stocks, bonds, investments, and business holdings to this point?

She hesitates for a moment. I look across the mahogany desk and wonder what else could possibly go wrong.Read More »Chapter Two: Into the Abyss

Testing Stage 5: Market Feedback

Getting Market FeedbackYou’ve gone out there and collected data. You’ve done some research. You’ve thought through what you’re going to offer that will make your book different from all the competition you face. And you know who the people are that need that book. It’s time to put all this theory into action for the last and most daunting test: Market Feedback.Read More »Testing Stage 5: Market Feedback