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September 2016

7 Deadly Sins of Networking

7 Deadly Sins of Networking
Last week, I discussed the value of building a network. This week, I’m going to talk about the things people do that destroy relationships and end up killing the network’s benefit for themselves and others. If you find yourself doing any of these, it’s time to reconsider and re-ignite your game.Read More »7 Deadly Sins of Networking

Causes of Insecurity

Causes of Insecurity
Last week, we began a quest for confidence. It’s a quest that I began some months ago and I am passing on to you everything I’ve learned on the journey in the hopes that it will help you bypass the problems and get your work out there and into the world where it can do some good for others. That quest, though, begins with examining the causes of the insecurity. Insecurity is a sign you’re being held hostage by your past.Read More »Causes of Insecurity

Writer’s Showcase: A.J. Cattapan

The Truth about PublishersEach week on Thursdays, we’ll be featuring an author and their journey. I do this to help you get a realistic picture of what it will take for you to get your story from concept to publication and beyond, so you know what to expect and what the obstacles are that stand in your way so you can prepare for them.

Introducing A.J. Cattapan!

This week’s selection is Amy “A. J.” Cattapan. A.J. Cattapan is a bestselling author, speaker, and middle school English teacherRead More »Writer’s Showcase: A.J. Cattapan

Personal Growth & Professional Development Matters for Writers

Personal Growth & Professional Development
After having interviewed more than a dozen people who have built multiple million dollar businesses, I can tell you without hesitation that personal growth and professional development matters. If you want to achieve the top of your game in any industry, and if you want to grow past the point where you are now, you need to invest in personal growth and professional development. It’s not a nicety. It’s a necessity.Read More »Personal Growth & Professional Development Matters for Writers

The Value of a Network

The Value of Networking
There is a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The game is simple. You are given random names of actors and must link those actors back to Kevin Bacon in as few steps as possible. Kevin Bacon himself is a 0. Anyone who acted in a film with Kevin Bacon is a one. Anyone who acted in a film with someone who has acted in a film with Kevin Bacon is a two. Anyone who is connected to a level 2 becomes a level 3. Anyone connected to them becomes a level 3. And so the game goes.Read More »The Value of a Network

7 Things a Lack of Confidence Will Do To You

Lacking ConfidenceI’m going to let you in on a secret: I lack confidence. My lack of confidence has hurt my business, stopped my book sales from happening, and led to me not being present for you because I didn’t really think my presence mattered. My lack of confidence nearly destroyed my business and led to me being forced to move in with family.

Your Confidence Is Key to Your Success, Too

Read More »7 Things a Lack of Confidence Will Do To You