Month: May 2020

Stream the Story Episode 20: Faux Molder and Friends Interactive Story Part 2

Episode Summary The Story Behind the Episode It started with Episode 14. A streamer friend of mine, ZX_Speccy, was on my feed. I didn’t have anything planned or any authors scheduled, so I opened up the floor to him. He could direct the story we were telling that day. As more streamers joined, we added […]

Stream the Story Episode 13: Exploring More Than I Can Bear with Author E N Joy and The Sims 4

Meeting E N Joy E N Joy and I met last October during the Experience Las Vegas Writers Retreat with the And I Thought Ladies. She has an exuberance to her and we hit it off right away. When I told that retreat group that I was planning to revisit my idea for the 40 […]

Stream the Story Episode 17: Enjoying Foreign Coffee with the And I Thought Ladies and The Sims 4

Watch the full Episode Watch #Stream the #Story Pt 17 | Enjoying Foreign Coffee with The Sims 4 & the And I Thought Ladies from MistressofPortals on The Story Behind the Episode I’ve known the And I Thought Ladies since January of 2016. I met them on the Segilola Salami Show, a podcast that […]