40 Day Writer: Beyond the Book

Branding & Marketing Basic

$ 500

  • Custom Logo & Style Guide
  • Capture Your Brand Story

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Branding & Marketing Plus

$ 1500

  • Custom Logo & Style Guide
  • Capture Your Brand Story
  • Ideal Audience Member Profile
  • Market Research Report
  • Branded Business Cards, Letterhead,  & Brochures

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Branding & Marketing Complete

$ 5000

  • Custom Logo & Style Guide
  • Capture Your Brand Story
  • Ideal Audience Member Profile
  • Market Research Report
  • Branded Business Cards, Letterhead,  & Brochures
  • 12-Months of  Weekly Marketing Plans
  • 1 year of monthly marketing support (up to 5 hours per month)

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Custom Logo & Style Guide

In CMYK and RGB Color Formats as well as line art

  • Custom Logo communicates what you do & how you do it at a glance
  • Style guide provides instructions on how to & how not to use your logo
  • Price does not include transfer of copyright from the designer
  • Design and fonts will be trademarkable as long as designer retain rights for portfolio usage
  • Colors and fonts will be selected by you

Capture Your Brand Story

Used for the About Your Company page and in press releases and other promotional items

  • The story of your business and your brand
  • Why your business exists and who it serves
  • Why you care about the people you serve and what you want your business to accomplish
  • Where you see your brand in the future and why that matters to the people you serve
  • How your service to your ideal audience will improve their lives, their communities, and ultimately, the world.

Ideal Audience Member Profile

Compiled based on information provided by you during the initial interview

  • Useful in writing advertising copy
  • Provides demographic information common to the audience you’ve selected
  • Will include quotes of things said by those who fit your ideal audience
  • Indicates where your ideal audience member is most likely to be found both online and offline
  • Includes a list of organizations and groups that also serve your ideal audience

Market Research Report

A list of your closest competitors, their offerings, and the opportunity gaps that exist where your expertise can shine

  • A list of the top 10 individuals who work in the space of your expertise
  • Reveals what they offer, what they charge for their offerings, and who they target
  • Identifies what is lacking from their offerings and programs
  • Compares your expertise and exposes the strengths you possess that they lack
  • Recommends a strategy based on this information

Branded Business Cards, Letterhead, & Brochures

Present a professional appearance no matter where you go with these traditional marketing tools 

  • Ideal for use at networking events and other offline prospecting opportunities
  • Letterhead is often required when working with government, corporate, or banking clients
  • Creates a consistent image in the mind of prospects and clients
  • Demonstrates your eye for details
  • Confers a measure of professionalism that your competition may be lacking

Weekly Marketing Plan

Know what to do and when to do it to achieve the results you desire

  • Social media calendar with a recommended daily schedule for posting and suggested topics list
  • Blog plan with daily blog post outlines to make writing easier
  • Recommended list of networking events in your area that target your ideal audience
  • Recommended list of conferences to attend and target
  • Email content ideas to assist you in cultivating your email list


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5 Hours of Marketing Support

Get help implementing your marketing plan

  • Creation and posting of shareable social media content once a week
  • Writing and posting of one blog post a month
  • Writing and sending of two emails per month to help you cultivate your email list


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