Character Development Consultations

Getting inside the head of a character, understanding what makes them do the things they do and what background factors are in operation, is the key to writing characters that act, think, and behave in a believable manner. My character development consultation is designed to help you get in touch with the heart of each character so you understand what drives and motivates their decisions and behaviors.

Available Consultations

Character Development Consultations can be laser focused on one character or can be a broader overview of up to nine characters that form the core of the plot’s driving action. The purpose of the consultation is to help the author gain insight into the driving forces behind those character’s actions, choices, and interactions with others so they can bring them to life on the page.

Laser Focused Character Consultations Include:

  • A questionnaire around the character’s backstory and history;
  • A compiled character sheet with the character’s information to use that in writing their scenes;
  • A discussion with the writer about their primary role in the story and how that impacts their choices and decisions.

Broad Overview Character Consultations Include:

  • A questionnaire around the plot, the writer’s goal for the book, and the main theme;
  • A compiled list of the primary 9 characters that drive the plot forward, their roles, and how those will impact their interactions and actions within the story;
  • A discussion with the writer about the characters and development of brief backstories for each that will help explain their role and relationships with other characters.

Consultation Fees: $99 each

One-hour consultations are $99 each, or $899 for a total character consultation which is a private workshop and consists of the broad overview consultation combined with deep dives for each of the 9 primary characters of the story.