40 Day Writer Classes


Upcoming Classes At 40 Day Writer LLC

At 40 Day Writer LLC, passing on the gift of writing is part of our mission. We offer both online and live classes to facilitate you on your journey from writing to publication and beyond.

Taming Negative Emotions – Starts June 30th

Our negative emotions have plenty of positive things to teach us if we know how to listen to and learn from them. In this single day workshop you will learn the purpose of the negative emotions – such as anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, guilt, and shame – and how to put those negative emotions to work for you so you can address the issues they’re trying to point out to you and stop letting them drive your life.

Write. Publish. Profit. – July 21, 2018 9 am – 6 pm

This live class is being held in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Fly in on Friday and enjoy the spectacular mountain views, settle in on Saturday to learn the 8 steps to get from concept to profits while protecting your assets and overcoming the obstacles. Author Brandy M. Miller is partnering with Business Coach and Intellectual Property Lawyer Steve Replin to deliver the roadmap that will allow you to write your own success. 


Time To Write Masterclass – Starts July 28th

If time is what has been stopping you from writing your book, this is the class for you. In this class, you will learn how to identify your core priorities and the things you do to support those. You will also learn strategies for budgeting your time to cover the important things, eliminate the distractions, reduce those things that can be, and set firm boundaries that will open up more time for you that you realized you had. Last, you will learn techniques to allow you to capture and capitalize on the small windows of opportunity that appear throughout your day.


Write Your Book Masterclass – Starts August 11th

Understand why readers buy books and the 7 step process that Brandy uses to write her own books based on that information. Plus, you’ll also receive a copy of her book and leave with a single-page synopsis of your book’s idea, an outline you can begin to use in your writing, and the techniques and strategies you need to overcome the inevitable challenges you will face along the way.


Kids Can Write Half-Day Class (Choose AM or PM Session) – August 18, 2018

Kids as young as 8 can join this class where author Brandy M. Miller will teach your child how to get their ideas onto the page and create stories that will be authentic to them while serving others. Whether your child prefers fiction or non-fiction, the process is the same and is easy for any child to learn. A parent or other adult is not only invited to attend with the child, it is a requirement. It’s a great way to turbo-charge your child’s school year.