Creative Gifts For the Person Who Has (Almost) Everything

Creative Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has (Almost) Everything

  • Creativity is the best gift of all
  • Customization is the key
  • Don’t bore them – show them you adore them and support their dreams
  • Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, but if you don’t have the time, you can borrow mine!

Buying Gifts Can Be A Challenge

Especially when buying for someone who can afford whatever they want

Gift-giving is something of a challenge for most of us. However, some people make it easy. They don’t have a lot and they need a lot, so almost anything you get them is going to be right. You just get whatever’s on their list and you’re done.

But then, there’s that rich relative on your shopping list. The one who’s been everywhere and has everything. Or at least it seems that way. What do you get them? How do you get them something that is sure to impress and will leave a lasting memory?

WriteYourBook.Today is here to help

It isn’t necessary to break the bank to get them something nobody else can offer. All you have to do is put on your thinking cap and you’ll be on your way to giving the best – and most unique – gifts ever! Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. Story-In-A-Weekend Luxury Retreat                                                         $25,000

3 days and 2 nights in a 5-star hotel in the location of their choosing. Room service brought straight to the door. A professional videographer and photographer. A personal stylist. And me. I get their story out of them in four 3-hour long conversations that are as comfortable and relaxed as having coffee with a friend. The videographer records the sessions for us. The photographer takes their headshots. In between the interviews, we enjoy time at the spa, cocktail hour, and a night on the town.

They return home relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling pampered. Three days later, they begin to receive a series of emails with the cover design, story outline, market research report, and title suggestions. Two weeks later, they are emailed a rough draft of their manuscript to review. They review it and a timeline for publication is established. Proof copies are ordered. A publicist is hired to ensure that their book will get the attention it deserves.

This is a gift that will keep on giving long past the day you hand them their embossed gift certificate, redeemable whenever they are ready. It’s an unforgettable experience unlikely to be surpassed by anyone else.

2. Private Luxury Book Writing Retreat For 5                                             $15,000

This luxury retreat starts Thursday evening at 5 pm and goes through Saturday at 5 pm. The retreat takes place in a private home in the city of their choosing with meals cooked by a professional chef. Each attendee will be guided through creating a book outline.

A professional videographer will be brought in to record as everyone is paired up to interview one another for the purpose of helping to get their story out of them. It will be 48 hours of fun, writing, and in-depth insights into how to write, edit, protect, publish, launch, market, and sell the book of their dreams. 

This is a great gift idea for an individual or for a family and will create lasting memories for everyone involved. You can even buy one for yourself and then give 4 gift invitations for Christmas to the others on your list.                      

3. Book Builder Deluxe Plus Publicity                                                            $10,000

For the relative who dreams of having their own book but doesn’t really like the idea of leaving home, the book builder deluxe plus publicity trims the fat off our luxury retreat model and makes it super convenient to get the book done in no time.

Interviews are scheduled at their leisure and are done entirely across the internet. When the manuscript is ready, they’ll be introduced to a publicist who will make sure their book is given all the exposure it needs to succeed.

4. Book Builder Deluxe                                                                                    $5,000

Maybe you love that relative who wants to write a book, but don’t have 5 figures to spend. This package includes everything they need to get the book written and out there, plus instructions on how to be their own publicist so they have the strategies they need to succeed. 

 5. Single Day Book Writing Workshop For 10                                                   $2,500

This is great for a creative birthday party idea, family gift, or just as a good time for your giftee and their friends. During the single day writing workshop, they’ll get 8 lessons in how to write, edit, protect, publish, launch, market, and sell their books plus instructions on how to continue serving their audience so they can make money beyond the book. Buy one for yourself and then give 9 gift invitations for Christmas to the others on your list. That way you can enjoy the holidays, too 🙂

6. A One-of-a-Kind eBook                                                                                 $1,500

Gift your loved one something no one else can – the story of why you love them so much and what their presence in your life means to you. In 3 hours, we’ll record that story on video, I’ll transcribe it, edit it, and put it into an ebook format. We’ll create a cover, assign it an ISBN, and you can have it ready on their special day. It’s a beautiful gift that will be sure to warm their hearts every time they read it.

7. Dinner Party With An Author (For Up to 5)                                                  $1,000

For three hours, your recipient and their friends can enjoy my company and pick my brain about books, life, and any other topic of their choosing. Considering that authors make up less than 1% of the Earth’s population, and I happen to be a very one-of-a-kind author, your recipient is guaranteed to get an experience they won’t soon forget and that nobody else is likely to give them.

8. Custom Plot Outline      $500

Spend an hour with me letting me get to know more about your gift recipient, and I’ll put together a custom plot outline for a book you can write and guide you through writing it. 

9. Custom Character Generation    $250

We’ll spend 30 minutes talking about your gift recipient, their likes, dislikes, habits, and tastes. Then, we’ll create a custom character that fits them and I’ll create a custom character portrait to match. You can present the character profile and portrait as your gift to them.

10. Video Interview With An Author      $100

If your loved one aspires of being an author and would like to talk to one, for just $100, I’ll set up a video interview and they can ask me anything they like. We can talk books, writing, life, or any topic that interests them. Honest answers are guaranteed. 

I Hope This Helps

I know that gift buying can be a very stressful thing, especially when you have no idea what to get someone. Don’t look at this list as a price list of my services, but as a jumping point for ideas about how to put your creativity to use in giving gifts that will last well beyond the occasion they were purchased to celebrate.

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