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Day 5: Don’t Let Comparisons Stop You

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No Comparisons
Alright, let’s admit it. You write something, and you work on something, and you compare it to somebody else’s work. Suddenly, instead of feeling confident, you feel discouraged. You think your writing isn’t as good, your story isn’t as strong, or your message isn’t as powerful. You feel like throwing the whole thing in the garbage and quietly sliding off to some corner of the proverbial room.

Stop. Right. There.

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Day 3: Finding an Idea

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40 Day Writing Challenge Day 3
Over the last two days, I’ve introduced the 40 Day Writing challenge and talked about how to get started. However, one of the writers told me she had no idea where to even begin finding an idea. If this sounds familiar to you, buckle up. I’m about to show you.

1. Start With Who You Are

My writing friend happens to be an energy healer, so I suggested to her that she make that the main character of her book. She’s studied the topic, she knows a lot about it already, and it’s interesting to her. That makes writing a story a lot easier because you’re not having to try and imagine how something would work. You know how it works.Read More »Day 3: Finding an Idea

Don’t Let the 40 Day Writing Challenge Intimidate You

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Don't Let the Challenge Intimidate You
“Love your post in 40 days… WOW really???? 2 hours a day? or a week? I must be crazy to even consider it!!! And I gather this is completely fiction? Right?? Where do I even come up with a story line??? You’ve got me half ways over a barrel!!”

That response to my 40 Day Writing Challenge, issued yesterday, was when I realized just how intimidating the thought of committing to writing a book in 40 Days is to someone who has never written their first book. We’re all trained to believe that writing a book should not only be very hard to do but that it should take a really long time to do, so getting one produced in 40 days seems incredible. But don’t let the thought intimidate you.Read More »Don’t Let the 40 Day Writing Challenge Intimidate You

The 40 Day Writer Challenge Begins

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Day 1: 40 Day Writing Challenge
NaNoWriMo is just 10 days away, so I thought I would do something fun to help promote it for all of my writing friends, and for those who aren’t writing yet but would like to become a writer. For the next 40 days, I will be posting a writing lesson per day to help you make progress in achieving your NanoWriMo writing goals.

Planning Your Writing

Each day for the next 10 days, I will be giving you steps you can take to plan out your writing. These steps should take you at most 2 hours to complete. I will be looking for your feedback in the 40 Day Writers Facebook group (which is free to join – just ask). You will be ready to go come November 1st when the writing really begins.Read More »The 40 Day Writer Challenge Begins

Networking Requires Gratitude

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Networking Requires Gratitude
This is the fifth week of our series on The Value of a Network. Last week, I covered the fact that networking requires your passion. It takes passion to spark passion in someone else. This week, I’m going to talk about the importance of gratitude and how that helps your network grow.

Symptoms of Ingratitude

Ingratitude is an ugly thing. It makes people feel unappreciated, unwanted, and uninspired to help you. That’s a really bad thing when you’re trying to grow a network. So what are some of the symptoms you’ll experience if you suffer from ingratitude?Read More »Networking Requires Gratitude

The Quest for Confidence: Understanding Disappointment

Understanding DisappointmentThis is the fifth week of our Quest for Confidence series. Last week, I talked about learning to accept abandonment. This week, I’m going to talk about disappointment and what you need to understand about it in order to help you move forward in life and, especially, in your writing.

Everyone Experiences Disappointment

No one is immune to disappointment. Everyone tastes its bitter brew from time to time. The feeling is real and it hurts. Once you understand what causes disappointment, though, you can begin to root out its causes and use it as a tool to help you.Read More »The Quest for Confidence: Understanding Disappointment

Time Tips: Portable Writing Kit

Writing a Book in 10 MinutesOne of the biggest complaints I hear from writers, especially those who work full-time jobs and write in their off-time (which is most of them), is that they don’t have time to write. I’m about to share with you a strategy to make time to write, even if you don’t have more than 10 minutes a day, with a few simple ingredients.Read More »Time Tips: Portable Writing Kit

Writer’s Showcase: Leslea Wahl

Author Leslea Wahl on Genre
For as long as I can remember I’ve been creating characters and stories in my mind but I never really pursued that interest. I wrote some articles when I worked, contributed to newsletters for groups I belonged to and told stories to my children but I never considered writing a novel, especially one for teens. However, when my oldest child began to read Young Adult novels I found it difficult to find ones that I felt were appropriate. Some of the messages in them didn’t really match up with the values we were trying to instill in our children. I was constantly searching for fun, exciting novels that contained good role models and messages. Then one day I woke up and this story literally popped into my head. Characters and situations just kept coming to me until I finally had to start writing them down.Read More »Writer’s Showcase: Leslea Wahl