Event, Retreat, & Workshop Planning

Event, Retreat, Workshop Basic

$ 499

  • Creation of an agenda for a half-day event, retreat, or workshop
  • Research on locations and costs for the location plus any additional services required
  • Development of a 3-tier pricing plan and offering for each tier
  • Creation of an event preparation checklist
  • I will be available by phone the day of the event

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Event, Retreat, Workshop Complete

$ 4999

  • Everything in the DELUXE package along BUT includes a 3-day agenda rather than a 2-day agenda ALONG WITH
  • Assistance with recruiting and coordinating speakers & volunteers for your event
  • Composition of & submission of sponsorship request letters to potential sponsors
  • Research and booking of entertainment as needed or requested
  • Assistance with decorating the venue and tearing down the event materials afterward
  • Creation and ordering of banners, posters, and other signage for the event


Agenda Creation

A timeline of activities that will take place during your event, retreat, or workshop (per day)

  • Up to 8 hours of planned activities
  • Useful in recruiting volunteers and JV partnerships
  • Helps you decide what materials you will need to have on hand for your event, retreat, or workshop

Location Research

Locate appropriate venues for the type of event you want to create and find out their costs, requirements, and available amenities

  • Up to 5 potential locations 
  • Will contact them to request information
  • Allows you to make an informed decision and to price your event, retreat, or workshop so that it is profitable

Pricing Plan Development

The key to making money on  your event, retreat, or workshop is to make sure you sell enough VIP seats so that the rest is just profit.

  • Will use information on costs to calculate your break-even point 
  • Will divide your costs by number of anticipated attendees to determine minimum cost per seat
  • Will create three pricing tiers based on the minimum cost per seat (3x, 2x, and x) in order to ensure you hit your required seating goal as quickly as possible

Preparation Checklist

Make sure nothing needed for your event, workshop, or retreat success gets forgotten or overlooked with a custom event preparation checklist

  • Provide this checklist to supporters & volunteers
  • Customized to the specific needs of your event, workshop, or retreat
  • Includes a suggested timeline for implementation

Emergency Phone Support

Run into a snag and not sure what to do? Having someone on the phone ready to provide you guidance can be invaluable (by the hour)

  • Ask any questions you need to ask
  • I will arrange help where possible by phone
  • If needed, I will contact the venue personnel to be sure your issue is resolved in a timely fashion

Press Releases

Find a local angle for your event, retreat, or workshop and get free publicity to help you fill the seats

  • I will research a local angle for your press release
  • I will write a press release that is ready for publication
  • I will research the appropriate contacts to submit the press release to and send them out