Flash Fiction Saturday: A Travelling Show

A Travelling ShowThank you to everyone who participated in our first Flash Fiction Saturday. Come back to 40DayWriter.com tomorrow to read the winning submission, The Tornado, by Kathy Downs.

This Week’s Flash Fiction Title: A Travelling Show

Main Storyline: A retired superhero and his sidekick decide to take their show on the road and discover that life on the road brings unexpected challenges.


  1. Injured in the line of duty, a superhero and his sidekick are forced to retire from active duty and decide to take their show on the road in an effort to make ends meet.
  2. Life as a novelty item not only doesn’t pay well, it begins to wear on the dignity of the retired superhero, especially when people seem more interested in his sidekick than him.
  3. Frustrated with the strain of living out of a suitcase, the retired superhero becomes angry and takes it out on his sidekick when the vehicle they are travelling in breaks down outside a small town.
  4. The superhero and the sidekick part ways, and the superhero finds himself in a dingy bar at the edge of town, drinking his sorrows away while he waits for the vehicle to be repaired.
  5. The superhero thinks he recognizes his old nemesis in the bar’s mirror until he realizes the bad guy in this situation is himself, and humbly apologizes to the sidekick for being an arrogant jerk after sobering up.

Main Character Profile

A retired superhero

Greatest character flaw: pride – he’s never needed anyone his whole life

Greatest character strength: wisdom – he’s always had the ability to see through the lie to the truth of a matter

Goal: To feel useful again.

Motivation: He wants the respect and admiration of others.

Apparent Conflict: People seem to have forgotten him now that his superpowers aren’t as super anymore.

Actual Conflict: He hasn’t learned how to make a life for himself without his powers to help him.

Epiphany: Compassion is a superpower he needs to learn in order to adjust to his new life.

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Details Can Be Changed

What is provided for you with the Flash Fiction Challenge is a framework. It’s a place to start your writing. Don’t feel like you have to follow the exact specifications. Change it around. Make it your own unique flavor of the story.

Alter the outline, add a character that doesn’t appear. Change the focus from the current main character to another character. I build the world.  You get to play in it, so you make it how you like it.

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