Flash Fiction Saturday: Columbus Day

Flash Fiction Saturday Week 4Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s Flash Fiction Saturday. Come back to 40DayWriter.com tomorrow to read the winning submission by Randell Miller.

This Week’s Flash Fiction Title: Columbus Day

Main Storyline: A native American discovers a group of strangers stepping forth from three massive canoes and brings back more than expected after collecting a group to investigate.

Historical Reference Material: http://www.let.rug.nl/usa/documents/before-1600/extracts-from-the-journal-of-columbus.php


  1. A native American is heading to the shore to fish when he finds three massive canoes tethered and a group of strange looking people emerging from the vessel.
  2. The native American runs back to his tribe to tell them the news about the strangers, and a group of delegates is sent to investigate further.
  3. The strangers seem intent on trade and present treasures unseen before on the island, which the native American and his friend eagerly receive.
  4. Awestruck by the generosity of the strangers, he and his friends return to the boat with their finest treasures to trade.
  5. Less than a month after the strangers have gone and taken his friends with them, a native American and his tribe fall deathly ill, and the native American survives to tell the tale.

Character Profile 1

A native American

Greatest character flaw: his is always seeking more

Greatest character strength: brave

Goal: To prove his worth to his tribe

Motivation: He wants to claim a place of status.

Apparent Conflict: He thinks the tribe’s chief doesn’t appreciate him.

Actual Conflict: He doesn’t appreciate the accolades he’s been given already

Epiphany: Gaining more is not always a good thing

Character Profile 2

An enterprising captain

Greatest character flaw: myopic when it comes to his own flaws

Greatest character strength: his belief in himself and his determination

Goal: To prove his worth to the king.

Motivation: He wants to claim a place of status for himself back home.

Apparent Conflict: He feels his efforts are unappreciated by his crew and by the king.

Actual Conflict: He doesn’t know how to relate to the people around him.

Epiphany: What you give to others will eventually return to you.

Details Can Be Changed

What is provided for you with the Flash Fiction Challenge is a framework. It’s a place to start your writing. Don’t feel like you have to follow the exact specifications. Change it around. Make it your own unique flavor of the story.

Alter the outline, add a character that doesn’t appear. Change the focus from the current main character to another character. I build the world.  You get to play in it, so you make it how you like it.

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