Flash Fiction Saturday: Fall Harvest

Flash Fiction Saturday Week 3Thank you for everyone who participated in last week’s Flash Fiction Saturday. Come back to 40DayWriter.com tomorrow to read the winning submission.

This Week’s Flash Fiction Title: Fall Harvest

Main Storyline: A young couple gains more than they bargained for when the fall harvest brings them a different kind of crop.


  1. Exhausted from the work of harvesting crops, a young couple retires early for the weekend only to be awakened in the night by a knock on the door.
  2. The husband finds no one at the door and opens it to see a small wicker basket on the front steps.
  3. Taking the basket inside, the husband wakes his wife to show her the contents.
  4. The two spend all night discussing what to do with what they’ve found, knowing that the decision they make will forever change their lives.
  5. The couple decide to keep what they’ve found, in spite of the inevitable changes it will bring, and find their lives head in directions they never imagined possible.

Character Profile 1

A young wife

Greatest character flaw: insecure – she doubts herself and her worth

Greatest character strength: encouraging – she sees the good in everyone around her

Goal: To get the crops in before the first winter snows.

Motivation: She wants to be sure that their pantry won’t run out during the winter.

Apparent Conflict: Her head and her heart don’t agree on what to do.

Actual Conflict: She doubts she has what it takes to deal with changes the contents of the basket will bring to her life.

Epiphany: With unexpected blessings come the necessary graces to handle them.

Character Profile 2

A young husband

Greatest character flaw: overprotective of those he loves

Greatest character strength: his loyalty to those who are his

Goal: To provide for his wife.

Motivation: He wants to make sure she is protected from harm.

Apparent Conflict: He isn’t sure he can keep what’s in the basket and protect his wife.

Actual Conflict: He fears he won’t be enough to handle what’s in the basket and his existing responsibilities.

Epiphany: Strength grows from doing more than you think you’re capable of doing.

Details Can Be Changed

What is provided for you with the Flash Fiction Challenge is a framework. It’s a place to start your writing. Don’t feel like you have to follow the exact specifications. Change it around. Make it your own unique flavor of the story.

Alter the outline, add a character that doesn’t appear. Change the focus from the current main character to another character. I build the world.  You get to play in it, so you make it how you like it.

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