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Be Influential 


If You Are An Underpaid Professional, This Message Is For YOU!

You know that you are a hard working, highly talented, extremely creative, and very intelligent individual who has so much more to offer the world than what your job allows. You know that you have what it takes to do great things, but you don’t know how to find the opportunity to show the world what you can do.

If you’re tired of being underpaid and overworked, of being overlooked and undervalued, and you’re ready to take action and do something about it, I am here to help you gain the recognition and respect you crave by increasing your influence with proven strategies that will take you less than 10 minutes a day..

In Just 5 Days…

You are going to discover how to:

  • Transform your past failures into your superpowers that will allow you to save lives & change the world
  • Uncover the people who need your powers the most 
  • Figure out where those people hang out so you can find and connect with them
  • Listen for the signals they send that tell you where your help is needed most
  • Step up and save the day so you can gain the recognition and respect you deserve

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This FREE CLass starts March 1st!

I’ve never offered this class before and I don’t know that I ever will again. If I do, I doubt seriously that I will be offering it for free. In fact, the whole point of offering the class for free today is to test the program, work out the bugs, and gather testimonials as to how effective it is before relaunching it.

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I’m only offering this class to the first 100 people who enroll. After that, I’m shutting the doors and I won’t be re-opening them again until at least May. This is your chance. Don’t miss it. Sign up now and secure your spot.

Class Syllabus

Get ready to hit the ground running. Every day is going to count!

Friday, March 1st

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

One thing that stops most people from stepping up and allowing themselves to be seen and heard is the fear of what people would do if they saw the “real” them. This is known as imposter syndrome. There is only one way to overcome this syndrome and that is to deal with the things in the past that are causing you to feel shame, guilt, or pain. During this lesson, you’re going to confront that painful past head on and drain it of its power over you so it stops holding you back.

Saturday, March 2nd

Digging For Buried Treasure

If yesterday’s work brought you down, today’s work is going to lift you back up. 

Now that you’ve brought up that painful past, it’s time to go treasure hunting. You’re going to comb through the negative and find the corresponding positive that you can share with others. This way, you turn that past pain into present powers that you can use for good and begin gaining the influence, recognition, and respect you’ve been craving.

Sunday, March 3rd

Determine Who Needs You The Most

During this lesson, you’re going to define your ideal audience, the people who most need to hear the message that you uncovered in Day 2. You’ll also be researching where those people hang out so you can start connecting with them.

Monday, March 4th

Connect To Your Ideal Audience

You are going to spend time listening to your ideal audience to find the exact words they use to talk about their fears and struggles as well as their hopes and dreams. You’re going to record those words so you can use them when you’re promoting the tool that you’ve chosen as your first affiliate marketing product or service.

Tuesday, March 5th

Step Up To Serve

Now that you know who needs you and why, it’s time to start serving them. Look for opportunities to share your message and your wisdom with your audience members and start gaining their respect and recognition as you do.

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