How to Write a Book

You are an aspiring author or an entrepreneur who desires to put the “author” in authority by writing your first book. You’ve never done this, and you don’t know how. That’s great! I can teach you.

Step 1. Find the Right Idea

Finding an idea is easy, especially if you have The Write Words Card Game. The question is will those ideas sell? Will the work you’re doing be worth it? Are there people out there who are interested in this idea? That’s what you need to know before you invest in your big idea. That’s why I recommend testing your ideas before you invest time, energy, or money in pursuing it.

Step 2. Pick a Theme

What’s the message you want your readers to take with them when they turn that last page and have finished the book you’ve just spent so much time and energy writing? What do you want them to remember long after they’ve put the book down? This is your theme. It’s the thread that will weave itself through every chapter and tie the book into one coherent message.

Step 3. Create a Plan

Your plan doesn’t need to be super elaborate, but it does need to give you a good idea of how you are going to take your reader from where they are before they pick up your book to where you want them to be when they turn the last page. This plan, like any plan in life, will have to be adjusted periodically as it meets up with reality. However, having a plan helps you write more quickly and get past writers block. If you want help planning, my Jump Start sessions are a perfect way to get your book mapped out in just one hour.

Step 4. Break Your Plan Into Daily Goals

Take that plan and map out a daily goal for what you will tackle based on how quickly you want that book to be completed. The sooner you want it done, the more writing you’re going to have to do each day. While writing, be sure to join my free Facebook group, 40 Day Writers, to help you get the support you need to keep going.

Step 5. Write Every Day

Your brain’s creative functions are a muscle just like any other in your body. If you aren’t using it regularly, you aren’t going to get peak performance out of it. Write every day, even if it is just ten minutes a day. To help you stay on track with your writing, create and keep a Portable Writers Kit with you at all times.
These are instructions in how to write a book. This does not cover the full steps to publication of your book, which is a far more detailed and lengthy set of instructions. Stay tuned, though, because I’ll be covering that in later posts.

In a Hurry?

There is another way. I offer VIP intensives that allow you to talk out your book over one or two days. They can be done from the comfort of your own home -and turnaround time can be as quick as one week. If you book it right, you can start your book on Monday and be finished with the book that following Monday!

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