Kids Can Write Class

Kids Can Write class

Help Your Child Achieve Their Dreams

Your child loves to read and they want to write, too. You want them to pursue their dreams, but you don’t know how to help them. You’re not a writer. Welcome to the class for both of you.

Writing Is Like a Treasure Hunt

Readers are searching for treasure. They want the things that treasure can bring them. Writers create the map that leads readers to the treasure and they guide them on their journey. Writers help them avoid the traps and triumph over the trials that are found along the way.

Learning To Write Is a Lesson In Problem Solving

All writers are problem solvers. The reader has a problem (the lost treasure) and the writer is helping them to find the solution to the problem (where the treasure lies) so the reader can get the results they want (the benefits of having the treasure). Learning these steps won’t just make your child a better writer, they will make your child a better thinker, and will put them well ahead of the game in life.

It’s not just for your child

I want you to come along with your child and learn what they learn while they are learning it. This is a chance for the two of you to bond. As one parent who took my class with her 8-year-old daughter said, “I feel like I now have better tools to help my child when they’re stuck with a problem. Instead of solving it for them, or getting frustrated that they can’t find the solution, I know how to point them in the right direction and get them thinking through the steps to solving it for themselves.”

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Writing Stories Is Child’s Play

 Writing stories doesn’t have to be hard work. It can be fun, engaging, and as easy as playing a game. In fact, that’s exactly how I teach this class – as a game that we are all playing together.  Our brains are naturally wired for story telling. All we need is to be reminded of what we already know in order to be able to do it well.

This Applies To All Kinds of Writing

The system I teach works for any kind of writing your child might need to do now or in the future. It will help make essay and creative writing exercises effortless. It can even help with the research papers and the longer term papers that will be required of them as they progress in school.

A One Day Class, A Lifetime of Benefits

Learning to write brings with it a lifetime of benefits. It is a highly prized job skill and will help your child develop their emotional intelligence by learning to empathize with other people as they put themselves in the shoes of the characters they are writing. 71% of hiring managers polled in a 2011 Career Builder survey stated that they value emotional intelligence over IQ. 90% of top performers in the workplace are found to have higher than average emotional intelligence.

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About The Class

This live, online class is limited to just 10 students and their parents so that I can give everyone the time and attention they deserve. The morning class will be held from 10 am to 2 pm CDT and the afternoon class will be held from 2 pm to 6 pm on the Saturday of your choosing. You and your child may choose to attend whichever session best fits your schedule. 

Note: You MUST be present with your child. You can enroll up to three children, but you will need another adult for more than that. 

Each class will be broken down into four 45-minute sessions with 15 minutes in between to allow for bathroom or snack breaks. 

By the time you and your child leave this class you will have: 

  1. An outline that you can use to write any story of your choosing. 
  2. An understanding of how to structure and build a story from start to finish.
  3. A downloadable copy of my upcoming book, Kids Can Write, and a free copy of the paperback version once it ships.

Each session will be recorded and made available to students for two weeks after the class ends. At the end of that two weeks, access to those recordings will be made on a pay-per-session basis.

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What Our Past Attendees Have Said

“Before I took this class, I did not like to write. It was boring. After taking this class, I feel writing is AWESOME!!! I loved everything about this class. I would recommend it to others.”

Xavier Russell, age 11

“Before I took this class, I didn’t really care for writing. After taking this class, I feel very good about writing. I would recommend it to others.”

Sebastian Russell, age 13

“I’ve always loved writing but sometimes I’m not as confident in my ability to effectively write. After taking this class, I have a whole new perspective and respect for storytelling and its power. I loved the way this class opened up the basics of storytelling into how to relate it to everyday life. I would recommend this class to others.”

Tanya Russell, age 48

“Before I took this class, I felt good about writing. After taking this class, I feel really good. I loved planning my writing in this class. I would recommend it to others.

Makayla Johnson, Age 8

“Before I took this class, I thought you just threw a story together. After taking this class, I have a structure not only for writing but for life to problem solve and help my kids. I loved the practical structure of this class. I would recommend this class to others.

Pat Johnson, Age 45

About Author Brandy M. Miller

Over 42 Books Written and Dozens Published

Author and entrepreneur Brandy M. Miller teaches you her proprietary Universal Writing System that she uses to write any book in any genre fast. She’s used this technique to write 14 and publish 9 books of her own while helping dozens of authors get their books written and published at the same time.

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Class Schedule

What I’ll be covering in the class and why it matters.

Hour 1

Session 1: Building the Map

We’ll talk about what goes into a good treasure map so you can confidently lead your readers from where they are to the treasure they want to find.


People read stories and buy books because they want to find treasure, but more importantly because they want what the treasure can do for them.


Hour 2

Session 2: Introduce the Characters

Every story has characters, even non-fiction stories. We’ll meet the characters and discover their roles in helping the reader find the treasure.


Characters help the reader connect to the story and help you to see things from the reader’s point of view.


Hour 3

Session 3: Chart the Journey

Chart the journey that your readers must follow in order to get to the treasure at the end. Show them the trials and the traps along the way, and how to get past those.


Time. Actions. Objects. Settings. Characters. Events. These are all critical parts of the reader’s journey. 

Hour 4

Session 4: Add the Details

It’s the little things that bring a story to life, and in this session, we’ll talk about what those little things are and how to use them to improve your writing.


Mood. Tone. Lighting. Dialogue. Pacing. These are the little things that add so much to a story and to the reader’s emotional experience of the story.

The Class


Just the class. No upgrades. Extra $50 per additional child.

  • One-on-one story outlining session
  • Four weekly writing coaching sessions

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Class & One-on-One Story Outlining Session


A popular plan for kids who need extra support

  • One-on-one story outlining session
  • Four weekly writing coaching sessions

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Weekly Writing Instruction


Get your child’s story from start to finish in no time.

  • One-on-one story outlining session
  • Four weekly writing coaching sessions

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Kids Can Write Class

4 hours of writing instruction to help your child learn the basics of writing in any genre. 

  • 4 live, recorded sessions
  • Simple, proven techniques
  • Parent-child bonding opportunity
  • Fun group and solo activities
  • Instructional supplies provided
  • FREE digital copy of Kids Can Write for every participant



Story Outlining Session

I will help your child put together a complete outline for their own story

  • One-on-one session with you and your child
  • A complete story outline to use in writing
  • Instruction in how to adapt the story outline for any genre
  • Session will be recorded and made available for replay
  • 60 minute session 
  • A copy of your outline written up and emailed to you



One Hour Writing Coaching

Get your questions answered, learn new tips and techniques

  • One hour coaching to help your child get their writing done
  • Submit questions and get them answered live
  • Learn new techniques and new strategies to help them succeed
  • Live coaching sessions are recorded and made available for replay
  • Transcriptions of live coaching sessions will be made available for download