Make Money Reading Books

Ever dreamed of a life where you could get paid for spending your time reading books? Surprise! I’m about to help you learn how to do just that. In 7 simple steps, you can create a passive income stream that pays you for all the hard work you’ve done reading your favorite books.

1) Leave a Review

If you’ve read the book and you’ve loved it, this step won’t take you more than 5 minutes to do. Search for the book on Amazon and leave a review. Be specific about what it was you loved about that book, who you think will find it just as amazing as you did, and what you would love to see next from the author. This step not only will put you on the radar of your favorite author (I promise you, we ALL read our reviews), but it provides a kind of proof for those who are thinking about reading the book that you actually read it and why you think they should read it, too. Plus, reviews make people more likely to buy, and buying is the goal we have here.

2) Create an Affiliate Account on Amazon

This doesn’t cost you anything to do and can take between 30 minutes to an hour to set up, depending on how quickly Amazon gets that email confirmation to you. Amazon is the one who will be paying you for sharing out these links and promoting these books.

3) Find Some Attention Grabbing Quotes

Read back through those favorite books of yours and pull out at least one quote per chapter that really caught your attention or gave you a big “aha!” moment. This ensures that what you are about to do will grab the interest and the attention of people who might be interested in the content that book offers.

4) Create Memes

Small graphics that have the quote you’ve chosen and an image of the book cover is all you need. Nothing fancy or sophisticated. Use an online graphic design tool like and you won’t have to pay to make these. Create one Meme for each quote you picked.

5) Grab Your Affiliate Link

Head back over to Amazon and grab an affiliate link for the book that belongs to that set of memes.

6) Post Your First Meme and Your Affiliate Link to all of your social media accounts.

The more people see it, the more likely they are to be interested in it.

7) A Meme and a Link A Day Will Make Financial Troubles Go Away!

Here’s the secret to really getting this to work for  you: Consistency. Post one of the memes and one of the links each day on your account. Use a program like Hootsuite (free) to schedule the posts and you can have it all done and working for you without you having to do anything else.

BONUS! Blog, Facebook Live, and YouTube It

If you’re comfortable with a pen or in front of a camera, take that book and promote it on your blog, through Facebook Live, and on YouTube. Give honest reviews about why you love the book and why you want other people to read the book. You don’t need to push the sales. If you show the people how valuable the content is, they’ll gladly buy it without you saying a word.

A Few Books To Consider

As the author of this post, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my own titles as potential things you could be promoting.

Know someone who wants to help the poor or who is poor? Try promoting The Poverty Diaries: Excerpts from the Diaries of Someone Who’s Been There.

Know someone who is Catholic and loves the Rosary (or who isn’t and would like to understand why Catholics pray it)? Try promoting The Secret of the Lantern: A choose-your-path adventure for Catholic Kids.

Know someone who is a fiction writer and wants help bringing their characters to life? Try promoting Creating a Character Backstory.

Know someone who is a writer and struggles to find time to write their books? Try promoting The Write Time: How To Find all The Time You Need To Write A Book.

Know someone who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know where to get started? Try promoting 7 Steps to Change Your Life & the World.

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If you found it helpful, please consider sharing. I’d love for more readers to know that they can do what they love doing AND make money doing it! If you didn’t, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought I could have done better. I’ll be reading.


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