Move Forward Monday: Move the Needle Forward

Move the Needle Forward
I was sitting in my Aunt Connie’s garage. There was stuff crammed into every square foot of the space. She was moving. All of this stuff had to be sorted through, packed away, and prepared for the movers. I could feel my heart sinking as I surveyed the mess around us. We would never get this done in time.

“Pick one corner and only focus on that corner.”

My aunt’s words were a liferaft being tossed out toward me. I’d been drowning in the sheer size of the job ahead of us, but this was hope. This was something I could do. One corner. One small area. Just one thing to do.

Writing a book, building an audience, and publishing a book are all giant tasks that can feel impossible to achieve if you’ve never done them. You look at the sheer size of the thing you’re trying to accomplish and your heart sinks. You’ll never get this done. You don’t have time. You don’t have the connections. You don’t know how or where to even start.

Move the Needle Forward

Moving the needle forward means doing one thing each day that moves you closer to your goal. If you want to write a book, that means writing just one sentence if that’s all that you can manage. That one sentence, written every single day, will eventually add up to a book.

If you want to build an audience, that means setting a goal of writing one blog post or posting one meme that’s going to speak to the kind of audience you want to build, or looking up one meaningful quote that you could add to your Twitter feed. Do ONE thing that will help attract people to you and get them interested in hearing more from you.

If you want to find a publisher or publish your book, it means rolling up your sleeves and doing one piece of research on what you need to do so you’re prepared to do it. Maybe today you research publishers who buy the kind of book you’ve written, or you research the publishing process so you’re more educated, or you research your competition so you know what you’re up against and where you fit into the picture.

Big dreams start with small seeds

No matter how big your dream is, it will start with a small seed. That seed is what you need to focus on today. If you don’t have that seed, find it. If you have the seed but you haven’t planted it yet, dig the hole and drop it in so it can start to grow. If you have planted the seed, water it. Find ONE thing you can do today to make progress on your way.

How Are You Moving the Needle?

Where are you in terms of pursuing your own big, hairy, monster of a dream in life? What are you going to do, today, to move the needle?

Your Opportunity to Move the Needle Forward

If you are ready to start moving the needle forward on your dreams, I have a FREE mini-ebook that I would like to offer you to show you how to stop chasing your dreams and start bringing them to you. You can find it here: Become a Dream Magnet

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