Poem: The Edge of Tomorrow

On the Edge of Tomorrow
One of my followers on Twitter, @smunorevesa, asked if I ever write poetry, and when I would write next. I love that kind of request. I told him that I do write it, but not often for this blog, and that I would deliver a poem to him later today. I am going through a lot of things right now, and this is the poem that came out:

On the Edge of Tomorrow

On the edge of something greater’
Feeling within me a new life stir

On the eve of something new
Frustration in the struggle to break through

Yearning to break free
Of old ways that weren’t me

Grasping for a way forward
A voice within me barely heard

Whispers on the edge of tomorrow
Of joy though now is sorrow

All things are born in blood and water
This is the way and law of nature

Whatever I desire to bring into today
I must be willing its price to pay

The greatest things in life they sing
Will cost you only everything

So it is, so it was, so it ever will be
In life, in death, in eternity

If you’re standing on the edge of tomorrow
There will be joy though now is sorrow

Life’s Greatest Truth

This poem is a reminder to me that what I want to bring into this world – whether a new baby, a new business, or a new way of life, will not come without paying a hefty price. The larger the something, the greater and longer the labor pains, so to speak. The best things in life aren’t free – they will cost you everything you have to get them, but they are worth the price.

For Those Who Face Discouragement

If you’re stuck in your writing, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s all worth it, just know that it is. The work you do is important, the lives you change with what you do are immeasurable, and there is not a single doubt in my mind that the labor you go through to get that baby out of your soul and into the world is going to be well worth it whether you sell one copy or a million.

Don’t Give Up. Don’t Stop Writing.

The world needs what you do. It needs more of you, not less. Show up, step up, and let your voice be heard. The path won’t be easy, the discouragements and failures will be many, but at the end of the journey you’ll be a better person and a more capable leader for all that you go through to get there. Just persevere.

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