Prophecy: Love Without Boundaries

ProphecyFor every story, there’s a backstory. Prophecy by Carrie Mullinix is no different. Carrie’s story is a paranormal romance between two men who realize that this isn’t the only life in which they’ve loved one another. The book explores the concept of what it really means to love someone.

Publishing Prophecy

When she passed away at age 27 due to complications from hormonal birth control, Carrie’s book might have died with her if not for the timeless love of her partner, David Doub. David was determined that her work, and her dream of becoming a published author, would survive the tragedy that took her from him.

The Love Story Behind the Story

Their love story began in high school. In their small Texas town, there weren’t many social cliques outside of the popular kids. It was almost inevitable that they would eventually meet. What caught David’s attention about Carrie was her passion. Strong and defiant, she would never back down from anyone. She was like fire incarnate, and it fascinated him.

That isn’t what brought the two of them together, though. One day, he noticed how upset she was during lunch. He sat down and talked with her. They talked so much they ended up skipping all the lunch periods. Despite how strong she was, she was hurting, and that hurt him to see. He wanted to protect her and to help her. He knew what it was to hurt that way, and it was that shared pain that drew them closer together.

As luck would have it, they lived only one block apart for one another. They were only a few months apart and were in the same grade. They became inseparable. Their names went from being David and Carrie to being DavidandCarrie.

David loved being part of a duo. He was comforted by the fact that he was never alone, and repeatedly told Carrie they were two halves of a whole. She clashed with his mother, and he wasn’t fond of her dad, but for the most part their families supported the relationship.

Love’s Strength Tested

However, their youth brought with it plenty of drama. He was so smug and arrogant, and she so headstrong, that there was a lot of friction between them. It didn’t help that he loved to antagonize her, and it wasn’t just because he liked watching the fire blaze in her.

One example of her strength was right after David lost his grandmother. His mother told him that his grandmother gave up after having fallen and broken her hip. It sent him into his first anxiety attack. Carrie threatened to leave unless he got help. Pushed into therapy, he was surprised to see that it did help. It was an experience that would serve him well while recovering from her loss in later years.

Life After High School

When they graduated high school, David got a job so that he could support the two of them. Carrie never learned to drive but was on the forefront of online culture. They were both fans of Japanese animation and one of their dreams was to visit Japan so in 2001, when airline prices were extremely low, they bought tickets to Tokyo. Carrie fell so much in love with the culture she often dreamed of moving there, but the opportunity never came.

Carrie was always a creative individual, expressing herself in writing, drawing, and role-playing ventures both tabletop and live action. She began writing Prophecy around 2002 as part of a series on a website she hosted. She finished it around 2005 after putting it through a series of beta readers and editors.
Despite her many talents, she struggled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence that kept her from putting her work out there. David attempted to encourage her, but their time together ran out. He chose to publish her work for her posthumously so that her words would continue to live on even though she was no longer there to share them. Like the lovers in Prophecy, the love that David holds for Carrie continues to defy the boundaries of time or even death.

Your Copy of Prophecy Awaits

He is re-releasing her book on September 7th, 2016. Prophecy can be found on Amazon or requested through local bookstores. You can also purchase copies through Dusk Comics. The ISBN number is 978-0578037929.

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