Richminded Investors: Book Plan

Richminded Investors:

Ordinary Americans In Pursuit of the American Dream.

This is our book. This is our story. This is our plan to make the dream our reality.

100 Ordinary people coming together to invest in creating an extraordinary life for themselves and their families. 

The cost is just $50 to be part of this plan.

Your $50 pays for my time to interview you, transcribe the interview, edit it into a story format, format the book, assign an ISBN number, create the cover, and select a distributor.

Grow Your Business

The book gives you the chance to share the story of your business. I will record the video of our interview using Zoom and then we will reuse that video to help promote the book and your business at the same time.

Sell 200 Copies, Buy Your Share

You already know you want to be part of the Richminded Investment Group but you may be struggling to find the money to get started. This is your way in. You sell 200 copies of the finished book at $5 profit per copy and that money goes directly toward buying your share. 

Global Distribution Capabilities

Our book will be distributed around the globe and to every major retail outlet. You will be able to sell this book to anyone you know, anywhere in the world.

You Own Your Story And The Video

You grant us the right to use your story in the book and your video for promotional purposes, but they will be turned over to you for you to use in promoting your business however you see fit. 

Together, We Can Hit the Best Seller List

It takes selling 10,000 copies of a book in a single week in order to hit the New York Times Best Seller List. It only takes 3000 copies for the Wall Street Journal. Those copies cannot be sold to a single individual. Every sale over 20 by a single person counts as a single, corporate purchase. However, with 100 of us selling 10 sets of 20 books each, we will begin to generate the kind of momentum that will allow us to break the barrier and hit the best seller lists. This does not include all the work we will do to recruit family and friends to be our “street team.”

Marketing Materials & Help Will Be Provided

To help you sell, you will be provided with marketing materials such as flyers, bookmarks, posters, and order forms. It is our goal that you succeed because when you succeed, we all succeed. You will also be provided with suggestions on formulating your list of buyers and in how to approach them about buying the book.

Profit Sharing

Once we’ve each sold our 200 copies, we begin to share in the future profits of the book. 50% will be reinvested into marketing the book, 50% will be distributed to those who participate.