Stream the Story Episode 13: Exploring More Than I Can Bear with Author E N Joy and The Sims 4

Meeting E N Joy

E N Joy and I met last October during the Experience Las Vegas Writers Retreat with the And I Thought Ladies. She has an exuberance to her and we hit it off right away.

When I told that retreat group that I was planning to revisit my idea for the 40 Day Writer reality TV show, she didn’t hesitate to jump on board with me. She was willing to support me in any way I needed it.

Things seemed to stall out with that idea, but being forced to do the Las Vegas Writers Conference online instead of in person opened up doors to possibilities I hadn’t even considered. I started streaming April 14th and, after doing some research and some thinking, I decided to start inviting authors to the show and allowing them to watch as I brought their book characters to life with their guidance and support.

I reached out to her and she was happy to support me. I let her choose the book from among her army of titles and we set a date. Neither one of us knew for sure what to expect, but I hoped it would be as much fun for her as it would be for me.

I made affiliate just two days before her appearance. It is a big deal in the life of a Twitch streamer, because it means from that point on your work is making you money. Every subscription you earn is money in your pocket. We kicked off the stream with a special celebration planned for me by my husband and got to work.

It was hard to believe how quickly the time passed. Before we knew it, it was time to wind down the stream. 

A week later, E N Joy made a request I hadn’t expected. She asked where she could get the files to download so she could play with them in her own game. 

Grab Your Copy of The Files

Thanks to E N Joy’s request, you can now easily find and download the house we built and the characters that were created during the live stream.

Here are the steps to take in using these files in your game.

  1. Click the button below and download the files to your computer.
  2. Go to your download files, select the file, and unzip the contents.
  3. Open the file and copy all files inside of it.
  4. Go to your documents folder and look for the Electronic Arts file.
  5. Open the Electronic Arts file and find The Sims 4 folder in there.
  6. Open The Sims 4 folder and look for the Tray file.
  7. Open the Tray file. Right click in that file and paste all files you copied earlier into this folder.
  8. E n joy 🙂 

Click to Download



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