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Testing Stage 5: Market Feedback

Getting Market FeedbackYou’ve gone out there and collected data. You’ve done some research. You’ve thought through what you’re going to offer that will make your book different from all the competition you face. And you know who the people are that need that book. It’s time to put all this theory into action for the last and most daunting test: Market Feedback.Read More »Testing Stage 5: Market Feedback

Testing Your Book Idea

Testing Your Book Idea
Recently, someone came to me asking if I thought their idea for a book was a good one. What they wanted to know was whether I thought it would sell or not. This is an important question. Sometimes writers don’t think to ask that question until after they’ve written the book already. Asking it at the beginning of the process can save you a lot of headache and heart ache.Read More »Testing Your Book Idea