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Day 5: Don’t Let Comparisons Stop You

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No Comparisons
Alright, let’s admit it. You write something, and you work on something, and you compare it to somebody else’s work. Suddenly, instead of feeling confident, you feel discouraged. You think your writing isn’t as good, your story isn’t as strong, or your message isn’t as powerful. You feel like throwing the whole thing in the garbage and quietly sliding off to some corner of the proverbial room.

Stop. Right. There.

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Writer’s Showcase: A.J. Cattapan

The Truth about PublishersEach week on Thursdays, we’ll be featuring an author and their journey. I do this to help you get a realistic picture of what it will take for you to get your story from concept to publication and beyond, so you know what to expect and what the obstacles are that stand in your way so you can prepare for them.

Introducing A.J. Cattapan!

This week’s selection is Amy “A. J.” Cattapan. A.J. Cattapan is a bestselling author, speaker, and middle school English teacherRead More »Writer’s Showcase: A.J. Cattapan