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8,991,000 Rejections

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Best Seller Truth BombIt’s Monday morning after NaNoWriMo. That was a fun month. I put together a beta version of The Quest for Confidence and I put it out there for you to find and read. I already know that there are some things it is missing (this article would be one thing), but I’d like your input before I go through the full re-write phase.

Today, I want to talk to you about your book. The dream you have is to turn that book into a New York Times Best Seller. You want it top of the page in every single home in America. You want Oprah Winfrey begging to have your book to use in her book club. That’s how amazing you want your book to be, and that’s awesome.Read More »8,991,000 Rejections

The Quest for Confidence: Understanding Disappointment

Understanding DisappointmentThis is the fifth week of our Quest for Confidence series. Last week, I talked about learning to accept abandonment. This week, I’m going to talk about disappointment and what you need to understand about it in order to help you move forward in life and, especially, in your writing.

Everyone Experiences Disappointment

No one is immune to disappointment. Everyone tastes its bitter brew from time to time. The feeling is real and it hurts. Once you understand what causes disappointment, though, you can begin to root out its causes and use it as a tool to help you.Read More »The Quest for Confidence: Understanding Disappointment

Personal Growth: Broadening Your Perspective

Perspective and personal GrowthLast week, I talked about personal growth and explained why it is the foundation of your success. Everything you want to achieve begins with your personal growth. I also talked about how your beliefs can hold you back because what you believe is the limits of what you can achieve. This week, I’m going to talk about personal growth and its role in busting through your beliefs by broadening your perspective.Read More »Personal Growth: Broadening Your Perspective

Causes of Insecurity

Causes of Insecurity
Last week, we began a quest for confidence. It’s a quest that I began some months ago and I am passing on to you everything I’ve learned on the journey in the hopes that it will help you bypass the problems and get your work out there and into the world where it can do some good for others. That quest, though, begins with examining the causes of the insecurity. Insecurity is a sign you’re being held hostage by your past.Read More »Causes of Insecurity

7 Things a Lack of Confidence Will Do To You

Lacking ConfidenceI’m going to let you in on a secret: I lack confidence. My lack of confidence has hurt my business, stopped my book sales from happening, and led to me not being present for you because I didn’t really think my presence mattered. My lack of confidence nearly destroyed my business and led to me being forced to move in with family.

Your Confidence Is Key to Your Success, Too

Read More »7 Things a Lack of Confidence Will Do To You

The Confidence Cornerstone

Cornerstone of ConfidenceYou lack confidence. But you weren’t always this way. Babies do not come out of the womb doubting themselves. They believe that if anyone around them can do something, there is no reason they can’t do it, too. They have no fear of failure or of falling. They fall numerous times over without hesitating to get back up again. They may get frustrated, angry, and give in temporarily, but they don’t quit until they have mastered the skills they need to get where they want to be.Read More »The Confidence Cornerstone