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The Story of New Rich World

Story of New Rich WorldYou want to be a writer. You dream of being a success. But in order to achieve that success, you need to set goals. You need to get help from others who share your dream and find mentors to help you climb over the obstacles along the way. Christy Nguyen is on a mission to build a platform called New Rich World to provider dreamers like you the tools to do just that. This is her story.Read More »The Story of New Rich World

Crowdfunding a Dream: Facing Down Discouragement

Writers Don't QuitThree days ago, it’s hard to believe, we launched the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign of our lives. It wasn’t just the project – to bring a reality tv show based on writing to the airwaves. It was also the amount of money needed to do it – $1.5 million dollars. Today, with just $5 in donations amassed in that 3 days, I find myself looking at just how ambitious the project really is.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: Facing Down Discouragement