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The 40 Day Writer Challenge Begins

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Day 1: 40 Day Writing Challenge
NaNoWriMo is just 10 days away, so I thought I would do something fun to help promote it for all of my writing friends, and for those who aren’t writing yet but would like to become a writer. For the next 40 days, I will be posting a writing lesson per day to help you make progress in achieving your NanoWriMo writing goals.

Planning Your Writing

Each day for the next 10 days, I will be giving you steps you can take to plan out your writing. These steps should take you at most 2 hours to complete. I will be looking for your feedback in the 40 Day Writers Facebook group (which is free to join – just ask). You will be ready to go come November 1st when the writing really begins.Read More »The 40 Day Writer Challenge Begins

A Fall Harvest

A Fall Harvest

I know. I’m blessed with the gift of gab. The turn of phrase comes naturally to me but this time I was at a loss for words. I sputtered like a lawn mower clinging desperately to life as the last fumes of gasoline thin slowly out of existence in its inner workings.Read More »A Fall Harvest

Chapter Two: Into the Abyss

Chapter 2: Into the Abyss
This is the continuation of An Encounter with Hope. If you missed Chapter 1, I recommend you read it first.

“I’m sorry. You’re bankrupt. There’s nothing left.”

I hear the words being spoken by my accountant but my brain can’t accept them. It seems impossible? How did I go from having over a million dollars in stocks, bonds, investments, and business holdings to this point?

She hesitates for a moment. I look across the mahogany desk and wonder what else could possibly go wrong.Read More »Chapter Two: Into the Abyss

10 Stages of Writing Fiction

10 Stages of Writing Fiction
There are 10 stages I recommend writers go through in producing a quality work of fiction. The stages have evolved over the years as my experience with writing grows and I’ve seen more of what works and what doesn’t. The only published work of fiction I have to my name is The Secret of the Lantern. These are the stages I went through to get it to a finished product, one that I am proud to be able to present to others.Read More »10 Stages of Writing Fiction

Leading With Words

More than 300 years before the common era began, a man by the name of Plato wrote a book called The Republic. The ideas in this book were influenced by a Greek philosopher by the name of Socrates. The reason I mention this is the ideas encapsulated in that book have influenced approximately 90 generations of men and women, and formed the foundation upon which Western Civilization was built. One book changed the course of billions of lives.Read More »Leading With Words