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Day 3: Finding an Idea

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40 Day Writing Challenge Day 3
Over the last two days, I’ve introduced the 40 Day Writing challenge and talked about how to get started. However, one of the writers told me she had no idea where to even begin finding an idea. If this sounds familiar to you, buckle up. I’m about to show you.

1. Start With Who You Are

My writing friend happens to be an energy healer, so I suggested to her that she make that the main character of her book. She’s studied the topic, she knows a lot about it already, and it’s interesting to her. That makes writing a story a lot easier because you’re not having to try and imagine how something would work. You know how it works.Read More »Day 3: Finding an Idea

How to Get Started

5-steps-to-start-writingThe hardest obstacle for most writers to overcome is figuring out where to start. Today, I’m going to outline a process that I’ve been using for some time and that I find works well for me. It’s just five steps long, but these powerful five steps will give you a path forward and allow you to start moving toward your goal of writing a book.Read More »How to Get Started