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Personal Growth: Broadening Your Perspective

Perspective and personal GrowthLast week, I talked about personal growth and explained why it is the foundation of your success. Everything you want to achieve begins with your personal growth. I also talked about how your beliefs can hold you back because what you believe is the limits of what you can achieve. This week, I’m going to talk about personal growth and its role in busting through your beliefs by broadening your perspective.Read More »Personal Growth: Broadening Your Perspective

The World Needs Us. Are We Stepping Up?

Writers Are Leaders

I get it.

The low pay, the long hours, the isolation, and the uncertainties involved in writing can all lead us to believe we’re not that important, that we don’t really matter, and that what we do doesn’t really make a difference. It’s easy to doubt that what we do makes a difference because we so rarely receive the feedback we need to hear in order to be sure that what we’re doing is working.

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A Dandelion People

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Become a Dandelion PersonI am writing, slowly, the story of my life and I wanted to share the introduction to it with you because I think the message is one you need to hear. Too often as writers we allow our voices to be stilled and silenced because we are afraid that we don’t have anything to say that someone will see as worthwhile or valuable. I am on a mission to change that, and this is part of that journey.Read More »A Dandelion People

Leading With Words

More than 300 years before the common era began, a man by the name of Plato wrote a book called The Republic. The ideas in this book were influenced by a Greek philosopher by the name of Socrates. The reason I mention this is the ideas encapsulated in that book have influenced approximately 90 generations of men and women, and formed the foundation upon which Western Civilization was built. One book changed the course of billions of lives.Read More »Leading With Words