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overcoming intimidation

Don’t Let the 40 Day Writing Challenge Intimidate You

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Don't Let the Challenge Intimidate You
“Love your post in 40 days… WOW really???? 2 hours a day? or a week? I must be crazy to even consider it!!! And I gather this is completely fiction? Right?? Where do I even come up with a story line??? You’ve got me half ways over a barrel!!”

That response to my 40 Day Writing Challenge, issued yesterday, was when I realized just how intimidating the thought of committing to writing a book in 40 Days is to someone who has never written their first book. We’re all trained to believe that writing a book should not only be very hard to do but that it should take a really long time to do, so getting one produced in 40 days seems incredible. But don’t let the thought intimidate you.Read More »Don’t Let the 40 Day Writing Challenge Intimidate You