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The Real Reasons Authors & Artists Starve

Why Authors & Artists StarveI am about to give you a lot of hard truths, ugly truths, truths that you might not want to hear but that you need to hear if you’re going to change your life and accomplish your mission of bringing your work to the world. It’s also the truth you need to hear if you ever want to actually make enough money off your work that you can build a life, not just settle for a living or for paying back the costs of what it took you to produce the work in the first place. I’m going to tell you the real reasons that authors & artists starve. Then I’m going to tell you what you can do about that.Read More »The Real Reasons Authors & Artists Starve

People Need Your Story

Your Story Can HealIn September of 2008, I stood at a podium, shaking. I was preparing myself to give a ten-minute talk in front of 36 women I did not know, and 32 more that I knew fairly well but who – until now – had not heard all of my story, and I was terrified that they would judge me for my faults and failures. I was afraid that they would condemn me for my weaknesses. I was worried that they would think less of me.Read More »People Need Your Story

You Know Enough To Serve

NoLimitsIf you’ve ever thought about writing a book, but you thought, “I don’t know enough” or “I’m not experienced enough,” I want you to let go of that idea. You know more than someone with zero experience. You have more experience than someone who has never done it before, and that makes you legitimately qualified to write a book on what you do know.Read More »You Know Enough To Serve