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Leave a Lasting Legacy

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Yesterday, I was coming home on the bus from my volunteer efforts on behalf of the homeless, when I ran into an elderly gentleman on the bus. Our eyes connected and we smiled at one another. I just had a feeling that something good was going to come of it, and I was right.Read More »Leave a Lasting Legacy

Stop Hiding Yourself

Step Up & Let Yourself Be Seen
Warning: There is going to be a whole lot of shameless plugging in this post. Most of its for my own work, some of it is paid endorsements. It’s my blog, and I don’t do this often, but this stuff needs to be said. It’s the part of coaching that some people don’t care for – the tough love, the kick in the pants that gets you motivated and moving and calls you on all the B.S. reasons why you’re not doing what you know you were born to do. As for the offers, I promise I’ll only show you stuff that offers value to your life.Read More »Stop Hiding Yourself

Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change

Power to ChangeIn my last post on Crowdfunding a Dream, I talked about the fact that my original goal of starting a TV show was just that would let viewers take an inside look at the process of taking a book from conception through publication. And then it became something more. It became a mission to help others reclaim their power by learning to do what the powers that be fear most: to stand up, speak out, and make themselves heard.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change