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story telling

Leave a Lasting Legacy

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Yesterday, I was coming home on the bus from my volunteer efforts on behalf of the homeless, when I ran into an elderly gentleman on the bus. Our eyes connected and we smiled at one another. I just had a feeling that something good was going to come of it, and I was right.Read More »Leave a Lasting Legacy

Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change

Power to ChangeIn my last post on Crowdfunding a Dream, I talked about the fact that my original goal of starting a TV show was just that would let viewers take an inside look at the process of taking a book from conception through publication. And then it became something more. It became a mission to help others reclaim their power by learning to do what the powers that be fear most: to stand up, speak out, and make themselves heard.Read More »Crowdfunding a Dream: A Mission of Peace, Hope, and Change