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Query Letter Outline

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Query Letter Outline
A friend and client of mine sent me over a query letter to review. It was not bad. But, as I told her, it lacked meat. It lacked the kind of things that, based on the information I’ve found, makes editors and agents drool. I put together a Query Letter Outline and am sharing it with you today as we head into the New Year in hopes that THIS is the year you will get your query letter (and your book) out that proverbial door.Read More »Query Letter Outline

Writer’s Showcase: Leslea Wahl

Author Leslea Wahl on Genre
For as long as I can remember I’ve been creating characters and stories in my mind but I never really pursued that interest. I wrote some articles when I worked, contributed to newsletters for groups I belonged to and told stories to my children but I never considered writing a novel, especially one for teens. However, when my oldest child began to read Young Adult novels I found it difficult to find ones that I felt were appropriate. Some of the messages in them didn’t really match up with the values we were trying to instill in our children. I was constantly searching for fun, exciting novels that contained good role models and messages. Then one day I woke up and this story literally popped into my head. Characters and situations just kept coming to me until I finally had to start writing them down.Read More »Writer’s Showcase: Leslea Wahl