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Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

Getting Help from Family & FriendsWe’ve all been there. We turn over our precious baby made of ink and paper to our family or our friends and we wait, eager to receive the responses that will validate our hopes we’ve written something worthy of praise. Then, we get their “feedback” and it’s all but useless to us. The usual responses come:

“It’s great, honey,” or

“It’s okay, I guess.”

Or worse, they say nothing.Read More »Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

When Writing Is Too Hard

If Writing a Book Seems HardSometimes writers put off writing because they think it’s going to be too hard. They think about writing 60,000 words and they get overwhelmed by the numbers and their inspiration dries up and withers away. I will share with you my experiences.Read More »When Writing Is Too Hard

How to Get Started

5-steps-to-start-writingThe hardest obstacle for most writers to overcome is figuring out where to start. Today, I’m going to outline a process that I’ve been using for some time and that I find works well for me. It’s just five steps long, but these powerful five steps will give you a path forward and allow you to start moving toward your goal of writing a book.Read More »How to Get Started