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How to Train Your Procrastination Dragons and Get Writing

Taming Procrastination DragonsI haven’t done much writing this month.


But it’s not really my fault. You see, I have a bit of a problem with dragons.

Not so much the scaly animals with wings, but the metaphorical sort of dragons: the epic personal struggles we all undergo.

There are five procrastination dragons in my writing room, and it’s taking me a long time to train them.Read More »How to Train Your Procrastination Dragons and Get Writing

Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

Getting Help from Family & FriendsWe’ve all been there. We turn over our precious baby made of ink and paper to our family or our friends and we wait, eager to receive the responses that will validate our hopes we’ve written something worthy of praise. Then, we get their “feedback” and it’s all but useless to us. The usual responses come:

“It’s great, honey,” or

“It’s okay, I guess.”

Or worse, they say nothing.Read More »Getting Useful Feedback from Family & Friends

When Writing Is Too Hard

If Writing a Book Seems HardSometimes writers put off writing because they think it’s going to be too hard. They think about writing 60,000 words and they get overwhelmed by the numbers and their inspiration dries up and withers away. I will share with you my experiences.Read More »When Writing Is Too Hard

Why People Put Off Writing

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After working with many writers and listening to their struggles, their reasons for putting off writing usually come down to one of six reasons: I don’t know enough; nobody would want to hear my story; I don’t know how to get started; I’m not good at writing; it will be too hard; or I don’t have enough time. I have faced each of these struggles myself, and so I’m going to share my advice to hopefully help you clear those hurdles so you can begin writing the book that you carry within you.Read More »Why People Put Off Writing

Whose Story Is This Anyway?

whose-story-is-this-anywayI love being a writer. It’s about as close as a human being can get to understanding what it must be like to be God.  You create this beautiful world and these amazing characters with a purpose and a plan in mind. Then you introduce your characters into that world and you say to them, “Enjoy it. Just behave according to the rules I gave you, okay?”Read More »Whose Story Is This Anyway?