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The World Needs Us. Are We Stepping Up?

I get it. The low pay, the long hours, the isolation, and the uncertainties involved in writing can all lead us to believe we’re not that important, that we don’t really matter, and that what we do doesn’t really make a difference. It’s easy to doubt that what we do makes a difference because we […]

Winning the Battle Against Your Dragons

A few days ago, my friend Emily Lock of Mythbinder wrote a beautiful piece about her struggle with procrastination dragons. In my own piece about writing transformational characters, I wrote about dragons being a metaphor for whatever big, bad, epic struggle you face in life. And here is everything I’ve learned about winning the battle […]

How to Train Your Procrastination Dragons and Get Writing

I haven’t done much writing this month. Again.  But it’s not really my fault. You see, I have a bit of a problem with dragons. Not so much the scaly animals with wings, but the metaphorical sort of dragons: the epic personal struggles we all undergo. There are five procrastination dragons in my writing room, and […]