Taming Negative Emotions

Taming Negative Emotions class

Your Negative Emotions Can Work For You – or Against YOu

Negative emotions are the dragons we must battle in our real-life existence to get to the treasure of our best writing work. Negative emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, doubt, discouragement, fear, frustration, guilt, shame, and blame can stop us from writing or they can help us improve our writing. What they do for (or to) us is all based on how we handle them.

Your Negative Emotions Are Talking – Are You Listening?

Every negative emotion you experience has something positive to say to you. Are you listening? Are you ready to hear what it has to say? Do you understand the language it speaks? If you can learn to listen to and understand your negative emotions, you’ll be able to uncover the message and turn that negative into a positive that works for you instead of against you.

Negative Emotions Serve a Purpose

Our negative emotions exist to protect us and to keep us safe. However, many of us do not know their purpose and so we suppress them, ignore them, or run from them. They end up driving our lives and ruining our futures as a result. This class will help you learn the purpose your negative emotions serve so you can put them to work on your behalf.

Tame the Dragon & Harness Its Power

You can fight the beast at the door to your greatness and get chewed up, charred, and destroyed – or you can learn to feed the dragon what it needs, tame it, and then harness its incredible power for your own benefit. The choice is yours to make.

Take Control of Your Emotions!

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Unlock the Doors To Your Most Powerful Writing Yet!

The truth about emotions is that when we block off access to one emotion because we don’t like how it makes us feel, we begin erecting walls around all of our emotions. The same source fuels both our positive and our negative emotions. They can’t be divided!

If You Can’t Feel It, You Can’t Describe It

Your readers are depending on you to help them tap into their deepest emotions and bring those to the surface, but if you can’t access those because you’ve blocked them away, you won’t be able to help your readers connect with those feelings, either. Remove the blocks that are keeping you from feeling and restore access to the power of your emotions. 

A One Day Class, A Lifetime of Benefits

Taming your negative emotions brings a whole host of benefits. It will reduce the stress in your life, improve your writing, and help your relationships. You’ll become better equipped to understand what’s driving your own behavior and thus better equipped to connect with your characters and their behavior, too.

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About The Class

This live, online class is limited to just 20 students so that I can give everyone the time and attention they deserve. The morning class will be held from 9 am to 6 pm MDT on Saturday, June 30th. 

The class will be broken down into eight 45-minute sessions with 15 minutes in between to allow for bathroom or snack breaks and an hour break between 1 and 2 pm to allow for you to grab lunch.

By the time you leave this class you will have: 

  1. A guide to understanding the language of our emotions and what they are saying to us.
  2. The tools you need to take the messages your emotions are sending you and put them to work for you.
  3. A downloadable copy of my upcoming book, Taming Negative Emotions, and a free copy of the paperback version once it ships in September.
  4. A journal for charting your negative emotions and how you respond to them so you can begin to notice the patterns of behavior and stop letting those emotions drive your decision making.

Each session will be recorded and made available to students for two weeks after the class ends. At the end of that two weeks, access to those recordings will be made on a pay-per-session basis.

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About Author Brandy M. Miller

Wisdom Born of experience

Author and entrepreneur Brandy M. Miller grew up in a dysfunctional home where she learned early to suppress and ignore her negative emotions. The consequences of that early instruction were devastating. It damaged her marriage, destroyed her attempts at success, and even put her child’s life in danger. It wasn’t until she began to study her negative emotions and to listen to them that she started to realize their potential power to improve her life. 

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Class Schedule

What I’ll be covering in the class and why it matters.

9:00 AM

Session 1: Origin of Emotions

What science tells us about where our emotions begin and why that matters.


Knowing why we feel the things we feel is the beginning of understanding why the negative emotions exist.


10:00 AM

Session 2: Memory, Survival, and the Emotions

The role emotions play in keeping us alive and healthy and in helping us to remember important events in our lives.


Facts are stored when the brain has time. Emotions, however, trigger immediate response from the brain.


11:00 AM

Session 3: The Power of Stories Over Emotions

How the brain handles stories and the impact a story can have on our emotions and our lives.


Stories are a powerful tool for gaining control over our emotions. 

12:00 PM

Session 4: Identifying Your Emotional Mapping

From the moment of your birth, you have been trained in how to handle the emotions you feel. This early training becomes an emotional map that your brain uses to process emotions.  


Unhealthy emotional mapping must be identified and rewritten to create healthier responses to the people and situations in your life.

2:00 PM

Session 5: Embracing the “Negative” Emotions

Most adults have been trained to separate “positive” emotions from “negative” emotions. They have also been trained to reject the negative emotions, but this can lead to very unhealthy and even destructive behaviors.


The negative emotions do not feel good. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good for you or necessary for your well-being.

3:00 PM

Session 6: Emotions and the Subconscious Mind

Your emotions are ruled by the subconscious mind. Suppressed emotions often express themselves, therefore, in dreams and nightmares. Learn to understand the language of the subconscious mind so you can use your dreams to help guide you in taming the negative emotions.


The subconscious mind does not usually speak in words and phrases but in metaphors and in symbols. This is why dream language is a writer’s best friend if you know how to use it.

4:00 PM

Session 7: Reject One Emotion, Reject Them All

We don’t get to pick and choose the emotions we feel. When we build walls to block out one emotion, we block them all out. Learn to remove the blocks between you and your emotions so you can unlock the doors to your most powerful writing yet.


Building a wall to protect the rose bush of your heart will eventually block the very sunlight it needs to grow.

5:00 PM

Session 8: Using Story Power To Remap Emotional Responses

Emotions may be spontaneous responses to environmental stimulus, but it is the stories in our heads that determine which emotions get triggered by what is happening around us. As writers, we can rewrite those stories and remap our emotional responses.


If the map you’re using doesn’t get you where you want to be, use your power to remap things so that it leads you exactly where you want to go.

The Class


Just the class. No upgrades.

  • One-on-one emotional remapping consultation
  • Four weekly emotional remapping coaching sessions

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Class & One-on-One Emotional Remapping Consultation


A popular plan for students who need extra support

  • One-on-one emotional remapping consultation
  • Four weekly emotional remapping coaching sessions

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VIP Class Offering


Break free from your emotional blocks.

  • One-on-one emotional remapping consultation
  • Four weekly emotional remapping coaching sessions

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Taming Negative Emotions Class

8 hours of instruction to help you understand and begin taming your negative emotions

  • 8 live, recorded sessions
  • Simple, proven techniques
  • Guided exercises 
  • Fun group and solo activities
  • Instructional supplies provided
  • FREE digital copy of Taming Negative Emotions for every participant



Emotional Remapping Consultation

Remap the patterns of behavior associated with your negative emotions to create a healthier life

  • Identify your emotional mapping and the impact it is currently having on your life
  • Identify the stories that are driving your emotional hot buttons
  • Take control of your emotions by rewriting the story and remapping the responses
  • Session will be recorded and made available for replay
  • 60 minute session 
  • A transcription of your session will be provided to you



Emotional Remapping Group Coaching

Get your questions answered, learn new tips and techniques

  • One hour coaching to help you learn to identify the negative emotions driving your life
  • Tips and techniques for remapping negative responses into positive
  • Discussion of challenges that come up when remapping
  • Live coaching sessions are recorded and made available for replay
  • Transcriptions of live coaching sessions will be made available for download