The Story of New Rich World

Story of New Rich WorldYou want to be a writer. You dream of being a success. But in order to achieve that success, you need to set goals. You need to get help from others who share your dream and find mentors to help you climb over the obstacles along the way. Christy Nguyen is on a mission to build a platform called New Rich World to provider dreamers like you the tools to do just that. This is her story.

The Early Years

Born into a working class family in a small town in Southern Vietnam, I was the youngest of three. When I was five, my father left. I didn’t understand why. Although I wished he would stay with us, a wish that never left me, there came a day when I no longer cried while looking at my friends’ dads picking them up after school.

There came a day when I no longer needed the things a dad would do for his little girl, such as reading a bedtime story or receiving a goodnight kiss. While I still wanted a father who was always there for me to look up to and lean on, I learned to live without it.

My mother worked hard to provide for my older brother and sister and myself and to keep us in school. She encouraged me to do well in school to make her proud. She wanted me to grow up and have a bright future.

“If they can do it, you can do it,” she would tell me.

She never wanted us to think that we were any less fortunate than the other children. She showed me that there were many people who had no home and no job, and always reminded me to love the poor and share with the needy.

My mom shared stories with me about life during the Vietnam War, about the hard life she lived and being forced to work at just twelve years old. Her father was killed during the war when she was ten, leaving her mother a widow in her early thirties with five little daughters. They were happy to wake up to survive another day without being killed by bombs or misguided bullets. Every afternoon, they paddled a dinghy for about an hour to a safer place and slept under a bunker. I was told how lucky I was to be born in better times.

Witnessing my parent’s divorce and seeing people living in poverty made me wonder why people had to suffer and struggle in order to get love and money.

I began to believe that love and money were the root of evil and the source of worry. I thought that the world would be a much happier place if humanity could just detach themselves from those two things.

Heaven on Earth

I began to hear stories about a far away land where children could have bright futures, women given fair opportunities and be respected, dreams and promises fulfilled, and people could live in freedom so that they might enjoy their lives to the fullest. They talked about this dream land, a “heaven on earth.”

It was like listening to a fairy tale story of a kingdom palace with the prince and princess…“and they live happily ever after in the wonderland.” That wonderland is where I am today, the United States of America, the land of dreamers and achievers.

As I grew up, I watched my mother work hard to raise three kids and take care for our family.  I wanted to do was to make her happy and promised to do my best. I studied to get good grades in school and graduated college in hope of finding a stable paying job to make her proud.

Suffering In the Land of Plenty

When I came to work, I confronted the reality of seeing people suffering not from the lack of love and money this time but from the lack of managing and maintaining their health, happiness, finances, and love relationships. I will never forget:

* An Anesthetist doctor who lived in million dollar house and made over $350,000/year, owed multiple apartments and rentals, committed a failed suicide, and remained in coma, leaving his loved ones in despair, disappointment, and hopeless.

* A husband, father of 3 little children got killed in an accident after work, just a couple of days before his family could move into their first dream home.

* Premature infants born as early as 27 weeks spending months in ventilators.

* A 70 years old man with dementia who didn’t know he was in the intensive care unit and kept telling the imaginary cow under his bed to go away.

* A middle age man with HIV, lying in bed waiting for the days to go by, passing away a few days later due a minor cold.

* A 92 years old woman sitting at the adult health care center, holding and rocking a stuffy baby bear, gazing through the window as if she was waiting for someone or remembering something in the past.

I asked, “How can I help them? What can I do to solve their problems before it is too late? How can I most easily impact people and improve their lives at a more upstream level, not at the present problematic situation?”

Shifting from Me to We

I found a mentor who helped me to become more aware of who I am, who I want to be, and who I want surrounding me. He taught me to shift from focusing on ME to WE.

I became grateful for what I had and more appreciative of what God gave to me: my life, my health, my mind, and my youth. I began experiencing radical changes as a result of my gratitude.

“By your faith, it shall be done unto you.” – Matthew 9:29

I started asking the most important questions of my life.

“WHY? Why was I born? What is my mission in life? What should I do while I can?”

In Pursuit of My Purpose

The beginning of my journey to discover who I was and what I wanted to become was very lonely. I felt like no one understood what I was experiencing. Then, I realized that the journey to success doesn’t need to be alone.

I opened up to more people and allowed them to help me. I learned to be bold and stood up for my passion, my dreams, and my purpose. I began to support others in their journey, too. I wanted to achieve personal success with a greater purpose and a mission.

I came to realize that fulfillment comes when we live less for ourselves and more in the service of others. True success is from sharing and bringing your mission and vision to reality by working with others.

The search for my life purpose led me to become an entrepreneur. I wanted financial freedom so that I could do what I love doing and help as many people as I could. During my quest, I experienced significant spiritual growth and personal development changes.

I gained knowledge in the form of financial literacy, learning from mentors and experts who have the specialized knowledge and skills to create financial freedom, and wisdom through spiritual awareness as I awakened to my imperfect, impermanent human nature and began yielding to the Creator of the universe. With knowledge and wisdom as my foundation, I found the support I needed to rebuild myself and my business.

The Inspiration to Help Others

I realized that what I wanted to do with my life, the purpose I felt called to live out, was to create opportunities for others to succeed so that there would be less suffering and less struggle to find love in the world. I wanted to build a place where those who needed someone to look up to and lean on could find mentors who would guide them and support them.

Inspired by my own journey to find my purpose and the fulfillment that came from it, the knowledge of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who also need your skills, I decided to create a community that would provide those things to the world. I wanted to create a new paradigm for the world, one where real riches of friendship, love, support, and guidance could be made available to all people from all walks of life. This idea became

The mission of is simple: helping people find their life purpose with the connection and support from others on that same journey so that they can grow in the financial literacy and spiritual awareness that will allow them to enjoy prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

The New Rich World Vision

Our vision is to make this world a better place, a place built on generosity, support, transformation, abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Our goal is to make this platform available for users worldwide.

Things you can do on the platform:

  • Set goals, visualize goals and dreams
  • share their experience, expertise, services, and talents
  • Offer products and services to help others pursue their dreams and goals
  • Be socially conscious by giving back to others to support, mentor, and give advices
  • Get globally connected with like-minded members or professionals around the world
  • Spread the entrepreneurially-spirit and be change makers for the world

The Plan

The plan is to fund through a crowdfunding campaign initially and then to open it up to people from all walks of life who want help setting and achieving goals. Memberships are available as regular members or as mentors who want to help others achieve their goals and live their dreams.

Connect with Christy Online

You can find more information about Christy at

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