The World Needs Us. Are We Stepping Up?

Writers Are Leaders

I get it.

The low pay, the long hours, the isolation, and the uncertainties involved in writing can all lead us to believe we’re not that important, that we don’t really matter, and that what we do doesn’t really make a difference. It’s easy to doubt that what we do makes a difference because we so rarely receive the feedback we need to hear in order to be sure that what we’re doing is working.

It’s easy to doubt that we’re important because we often aren’t treated that way and we sometimes struggle to make our voices heard over the roar of the crowds. The low pay makes us feel like our work isn’t worth much, and the isolation of it all leaves us vulnerable to all those voices of doubts that want to kill our faith and destroy our hope and rob us of our dreams.

The More Valuable the Tool, the Higher the Price You’ll Pay

Writing is a tool of incredible power. It can transcend time and space to speak to the hearts and minds of people in far away countries long after you are no longer among the living. Countless generations may be impacted by the words you write today. To be able to write, to paint pictures of worlds that do not exist that are so vivid they can become reality for another human being, is an incredibly valuable gift. It is powerful. It can destroy whole nations, or it can rebuild a devastated generation. It is all in how you use it. And that is the real reason that writing is so difficult.

The World Needs Us

I defy you to look at the world around you and tell me it doesn’t need help. Tell me you can’t find something out there that needs to be changed. Your writing can help to solve those problems by painting people a picture of a better world and then showing them how to get there from where they are now. You can help them find a way to make that transition. Writing is the tool that will take you there.

Are You Stepping Up?

How often are you letting your writing be the best kept secret? How often are you hiding the work you’ve done that could be out there helping someone else? How often do you write something precious only to shove it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it? It’s time to stop sabotaging your own success. It’s time to step up, to be seen, and to make your voice heard so you can make the difference you were born to make.

Help Is Available

There is help available. You can get your writing done and out there. You can begin to change lives, which will start to change everything else around you. You can make a difference in this life, and you are meant to.

Join a Writers Group

A lot of writing is done alone. But you need to get into a good writers group and get feedback so that the only voices you hear aren’t voices of negativity and doubt. You need to put your work out there and let them give you feedback on it. If you don’t have a local writers group, you can join my online Facebook writers group, 40 Day Writers. It costs you nothing to join.

View My Webinar

If you want proof that it is possible to make not just some money but able-t0-live-and-eat money, you can view my webinar, Beyond the Book. It’s also free and you’ll learn a lot in just an hour about what it takes to make it, and why most authors don’t.

Schedule an Appointment

If you want a free consultation on either getting some advice and feedback on an existing book or else want to see if I can help you write your story more directly, just schedule an appointment with me. I’ll be happy to spend time talking to you about your book project and we can then decide whether or not we are a good fit for working together.

Even if you don’t get help from me, get help from someone

There are plenty of people out there who will help you write your book. Reach out and ask. Get the help you need. Don’t hesitate, don’t be shy about it. Ask for it. Most people are more than willing to lend a hand or offer some advice.

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