Time To Write Masterclass


Time To Write Masterclass

Never Let Time Stand In Your Way

When you’re leading a busy life, it can be difficult to find the time you need to write your book. This class will help ensure that time never stands in your way again, not by learning how to cram more into your already overloaded schedule, but by learning how to say no to more of what isn’t serving you so you can say yes to your dreams.

Get Clear On What Matters & What Doesn’t

Learn to value your time properly and to evaluate where you spend your time so you always have time for what matters in life, especially your dreams and the people you want to help you celebrate those dreams. Learn to stop wasting your time on the things that aren’t taking you closer to where you want to be in life.

A $250 Investment to Reclaim $11,700

You work hard. You spend most of your time either working or getting to work. You know you want out of that system. You know there’s got to be a better way. What you don’t know is why you aren’t there yet.

Let’s say you make $15 per hour at your job. You travel 90 minutes to work one way and 90 minutes back home. That’s 3 hours of your time that you aren’t getting paid for, so while on the surface it looks like you’re being paid $120 a day for 8 hours of work, you’re really being paid just under $11 an hour for the 11 hours you’re away from home. That’s $45 per day that you are losing.

That same $45 a day, is $225 a week, or $11,700 per year.  That’s $11,700 per year you could be investing in yourself and in your dreams. In 10 years, that is $117,000! This class will teach you how to take that otherwise wasted time and turn it into an investment in your dreams.

Reclaim Your Time With Time To Write!

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It’s Not How Much Time You Have but How You Use It!

 The homeless person on the street does not have less time than the billionaire executive in the boardroom. They both get 24 hours to their day. The difference between the two of them is the choices they make in how to use that time.

Reduce Stress and Increase Satisfaction

When you are not in control of your time, life is hectic. You run from activity to activity with no breathing room. You are constantly stressed out and you end up apologizing all the time for failing to make deadlines or deliver results on projects you promised to complete.

You feel angry and resentful, tired out and overburdened, and the people around you feel unimportant and like they can’t rely on you. It’s unsatisfying for everyone.

Getting control of the way you spend your time will reduce the amount of stress you’re under by eliminating a lot of the load and increase your satisfaction with life by helping you align with your true priorities. Say goodbye to guilt and hello to happiness.

The Start of Your New Life Is Just 8 Hours Away

In just 8 hours you will learn the steps you need to take to begin getting control over your time. You will learn how to put your time to work for you so you don’t have to work so hard to find time to do what you love to do. Best of all, you will find that time to write doesn’t have to mean that you don’t have time to enjoy your life.

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About The Class

This live, online class is limited to just 20 students so that I can give everyone the time and attention they deserve. It will be held from 9 am to 6 pm MDT on Saturday, June 30th.

Each session will be just 45 minutes long with 15 minutes in between to allow for bathroom or snack breaks and a one-hour break from 1 pm – 2 pm to allow for you to get lunch before class begins again.

By the time you leave my masterclass, you will have: 

  1. A master plan to lead you from chapter one to done and a timeline that will take you there.
  2. A clear picture of how you are currently using your time and a definitive strategy for making the most of the time that you’ve been given.
  3. A complimentary copy of my book, The Write Time, along with a Time Journal and a Workbook to use to record the results of your exercises.

Each session will be recorded and made available to students for two weeks after the class ends. At the end of that two weeks, access to those recordings will be made on a pay-per-session basis.

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About Author Brandy M. Miller

Over 42 Books Written and Dozens Published

Author and entrepreneur Brandy M. Miller teaches you the time-saving techniques found in her book, The Write Time: How to find all the time you need to write a book. She’s used this technique to write 14 and publish 7 books of her own while helping dozens of authors get their books written and published at the same time.

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Class Schedule

What I’ll be covering in the class and why it matters.

9:00 AM

Session 1: Getting Organized

The tools and tricks of the trade to help you make the most of every moment of spare time you can find.


Disorganization can cause you hours of writing time while you look for what you need to start writing.


10:00 AM

Session 2: Setting Goals

Determine where you want to go, when you want to get there, and what you need to do in order to make it happen.


Until you know how far you plan to go and when you want to be there, you won’t know how much time you need to find to get there.


11:00 AM

Session 3: Establishing Your Priorities

When you don’t establish your priorities and put those first, your time gets filled with stuff that, ultimately, doesn’t matter.


Taking care of the things that matter most first creates room for the smaller stuff to fit in between the gaps. 

12:00 PM

Session 4: Budgeting Your Time

We’ll examine how you are currently spending your time and how much time that leaves you for living your priorities and writing your book.


Be sure you are getting the return on your investment of time that you want to receive for every minute you spend.

2:00 PM

Session 5: The Non-Negotiables

We’ll discuss the 5 things that cannot be removed or eliminated from your time budget and the role those things play in helping you get your book written in less time.


Writing a book is a lot like running a mental marathon. Be sure you are giving your brain everything it needs to do its best.

3:00 PM

Session 6: Reduce, Eliminate, Combine

I’ll explain the three most effective strategies for freeing up more of your time to write and to enjoy life


Some activities you’re doing don’t need to be done at all. Some only need to be done sometimes. Some can be partnered with other activities to increase efficiency.

4:00 PM

Session 7: Setting Healthy Boundaries

We’ll talk about the word “no”, why it is the nicest word in the English vocabulary, and how to use it without damaging relationships.


Scheduling appointments and keeping an appointment calendar frees you to say no without hesitation to things that don’t align with your priorities.

5:00 PM

Session 8: Time For You

We’ll discuss why it’s important to carve some time for yourself, and why time for yourself needs to be a priority.


Time spent enjoying life and the people in your life is far from wasted. It is the fuel you need to keep you motivated and prevent you from burning out.

The Masterclass


Just the class. No upgrades.

  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
  • Four weekly time coaching sessions

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Masterclass & Portable Writers Kit


A popular plan for busy writers.

  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
  • Four weekly time coaching sessions

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Masterclass VIP Upgrade


A powerful plan to boost your writing!

  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
  • Four weekly time coaching sessions

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Time To Write Masterclass

8 Hours of Instruction So You can Get Your Book From Chapter One to Done

  • 8 live, recorded sessions
  • Simple, proven techniques
  • Live instructor to guide you
  • Fun group and solo activities
  • Instructional workbook provided
  • FREE digital copy of Write Your Book for every participant



Personalized Portable Writers Kit

Stay organized and make the most of every minute of writing time

  • Personalized Tote Bag
  • Binder with tabs for your writing
  • Personalized writing journal
  • Pens & highlighters
  • Pencil pouch
  • A copy of your outline



Weekly Time Coaching

Get once-a-week tips and help with your efforts to find the time you need to write

  • Once-a-week, one hour call
  • Bring your time journal and your questions
  • Get the answers you need and the advice to help you improve