Wednesday Writing Prompts With The Write Words

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a story is finding an idea. That’s why I developed The Write Words – a game for where the best story wins. It’s a game you can play by yourself, in a group such as during a party or other social setting, or in a classroom.

Watch the Video

I could go on and on about this game all day, but you can watch the video to get an idea of how it works:

Introducing Wednesday Writing Prompts

People love to draw cards on Wednesday to share with others, and now that I am making The Write Words available for sale, there is no reason for me to capitalize on that fabulous idea. On Wednesdays, I will put together a writing prompt for you to use based on the cards I draw from the deck.

Here’s today’s prompt:

Character: A fortune teller

Setting: A tidy parlor

Object: A crystal ball

Event: A clever wolf is trapped.

Action: Spies

Some Assembly Required

Using these prompts requires a little work on your part. You have to assemble them into the story you want to tell.

The Story Behind the Write Words

The Write Words is a game of my own invention. It’s been through a lot of changes since I first took a set of index cards and started playing around with the idea. I tested at parties and social events, with adults who knew it and adults who weren’t even writers. I took it to my nieces and tested it on them.

Index cards, after all, are cheap. Making a deck of customized cards isn’t.

Then, when I was sure I had just the right recipe, I put together that prototype and found a company called The Game Crafter that could handle producing and shipping the orders I might get. I ordered up my proof copy, and then I sat on it. For over a year and a half, I sat on my fabulous idea and I did nothing with it except play it by myself from time to time.

I took it with me to a meeting about an entirely different project yesterday, though, and two people who are coaches told me to put it out there -that day! Not to waste more time or more excuses, but to get it out there and into the world. And I listened to their advice because I knew they were right. Sometimes you just need someone to prompt you to get you in gear. I needed it, and now I’m prompting you.

So get busy and get writing!

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