Write. Publish. Profit.


Write. Publish. Profit. Masterclass

You Want to Write a Book But You Don’t Know Where To Start

Start with a problem you can solve for someone else. A problem you’ve solved for yourself makes it easier for you to understand the challenges your reader will face and the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving the results they desire.

Writing a Book Doesn’t Have To Take a Long Time

With the right guidance, support, and instruction, writing a book can be done in a matter of days. A book of 60,000 words or less can be written, edited, and published in 40 days (or less).

Getting Published Has Never Been Easier

Print-on-demand publishers make getting your finished book out into the world easier and more accessible than ever before. We’ll be discussing the steps you need to take to get your book published.

Real Authors Don’t Self-Publish

Joseph Malick. Kendall Harrison. Darcy Patterson. Amanda Hocking. Ashwin Sanghi, best-selling author of The Razabal Line, and E.L. James, best-selling author of 50 Shades of Grey. These are all names of authors with big followings who have chosen to bypass the traditional publishing route in favor of self-publishing. Real authors DO self-publish. 

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Writing Your Book Is the First Step.

Gone are the days when traditional publishers would do your marketing for you. Traditional publishers expect you to come with your fan base already built. They want you to have a group of people ready, eager, and waiting to buy your books because the truth is that 7 out of 10 books they take on never makes more than the advance on royalties that they pay out.

Best-Selling Books Don’t Happen By Accident

When it comes to a best-selling book, it’s about the sales per week, not the content in the book. There are plenty of books on the market with sub-par writing that made it to best-seller status because they had the write marketing machine in place. 

People Buy Books For The Results, Not the Author

You don’t have to be famous to have a book that sells well. What you do have to do is understand why people buy  books in the first place and how to  deliver what they want.

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About The Class

This will be an 8-week online class. 

Each Monday, we will meet at 7 pm CDT via a Zoom link that will be provided to you upon enrollment.

By the time you leave our masterclass, you will have: 

  1. A clear understanding of how the book industry works and how to make the most out of your book once it is done.
  2. A rough outline that you can use to begin writing your book and the strategies to get from chapter one to done.
  3. The information you need to protect your assets, overcome the obstacles, publish your book, and profit from your work.

Each session will be recorded and made available to students. 

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Class Schedule

What I’ll be covering in the class and why it matters.

Monday, January 6th, 2019

Session 1: Write Your Book

Learn the steps you need to take to get your book from chapter one to done.


Move your readers from the problem they bought your book to solve to the results they want to achieve by the end of the book.


Monday, January 13th, 2019

Session 2: Overcome the Obstacles

There will be obstacles to face at every stage of the journey. Steve and I will cover our strategies for overcoming those.


Time. Writer’s Block. Naysayers. Critics. Rejections. Negative Reviews. You can let these stop you or you can find ways around them.


Monday, January 20th, 2019

Session 3: Edit Your Book

Your book is a product. You owe it to your readers to be sure it is the very best it can be.


Editing a book is time-consuming, tedious, and often painful work. However, there are techniques and strategies you can use to make that process easier and less painful. 

Monday, January 27th, 2019

Session 4: Protect Your Assets

You’ve worked hard to create this work. Now you need to make sure that work is protected under the law.


Trademarks. Copyrights. Taxes. Wills. These are all pieces to the puzzle in protecting your work so that the work you do continues to benefit you and your loved ones.

Monday, February 3rd, 2019

Session 5: Plan Your Launch

A book without a launch plan doesn’t go far. We’ll discuss strategies and techniques used to plan your launch.


Building momentum before you publish is critical to getting the level of awareness generated that is needed to get book sales coming once you release it.

Monday, February 10th, 2019

Session 6: Publish Your Book

You’ll be given a breakdown that compares traditional and self-publishing routes and the steps you need to take if you do choose to self-publish.


Being educated about the publishing process allows you to speak more intelligently to traditional publishers if you choose to go that route.

Monday, February 17th, 2019

Session 7: Market & Sell Your Book

Strategies for finding the people who need your book and techniques for getting them to say “yes” to what you have to offer.


Scheduling appointments and keeping an appointment calendar frees you to say no without hesitation to things that don’t align with your priorities.

Monday, February 24th, 2019

Session 8: Serving Beyond the Book

How to grow your profits and build a business by serving the needs of your readers beyond the book.


Service is the first step in sales, in profits, and in building a sustainable busines.

The Masterclass


Just the class. No upgrades.

  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
  • Second 8-week masterclass to help you go beyond the book  and make more, do more, and get more with the book you’ve written.

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Masterclass & Portable Writers Kit


A popular plan for busy writers.

  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
  • Second 8-week masterclass to help you learn to get more, make more, and do more with your book.

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  • Personalized Portable Writers Kit
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Write Your Book Masterclass

8 Hours of Instruction So You can Get Your Book From Chapter One to Done

  • 8 live, recorded sessions
  • Simple, proven techniques
  • Live instructor to guide you
  • Fun group and solo activities
  • Instructional workbook provided
  • FREE digital copy of Write Your Book for every participant



Personalized Portable Writers Kit

Stay organized and make the most of every minute of writing time

  • Personalized Tote Bag
  • Binder with tabs for your writing
  • Personalized writing journal
  • Pens & highlighters
  • Pencil pouch
  • A copy of your outline



Beyond the Book Masterclass

Walk away with a concrete plan that will ensure you know  how to get more, do more, and make more from your books than you ever thought possible.

  • Find the hidden profit-making opportunities in your book’s content
  • Develop concrete plans for turning those ideas into products, services, and licenses
  • How to market your additional offerings to the audience your book helped you build