Write Your Book Masterclass

Write Your Book Masterclass

A Book Is the Key To Your Dreams

While working to build my business, I interviewed a top-level executive who was referred to me by my first high-ticket client. He told me about his two-year search for an executive. After being so careful in the hiring process, they brought this man on only to realize he was lacking a key ingredient: he had never been a small business owner or scaled his own business.

His Problem Could Have Been Solved With a Book

Like a flash, I realized that if he had written his story and shared it with the world, he wouldn’t have had to spend two years searching for an executive. The world would have known what he wanted and someone out there would have sent him the exact thing he needed right when he needed it. They might even have been able to spot the mistake he was about to make before he made it.

A $250 Solution To a Million Dollar Problem

That mistake, for the record, cost several million dollars and nearly destroyed the company. Imagine if that mistake could have been avoided by spending just $250 to learn how to write his story!

There are 7 billion people on this planet. No matter what you want out of life, someone out there has what you need and can help you make it happen. All you have to do is connect with them and communicate your desires in a way that shows them how partnering with you to achieve your dreams is going to help them achieve their dreams.

However, until you start communicating that dream, it’s not going to happen because nobody is going to know you want it. You absolutely, positively must open up about your dreams and your desires if you want them to happen. You must be willing to risk ridicule, rejection, and abandonment if you want those dreams to become yours.

Learn to Write Your Book!

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Writing a Book Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

 Writing a book does not have to take you years or even months. You can write a very thorough book in 10-minute bursts if you are prepared with all the tools you need to take full advantage of every second of the time available to you. I will show you how.

You Can Learn To Write It Yourself

I developed a universal formula for writing any kind of book you want to write that will allow you to write a book that sells because you will begin with the reader in mind, rather than trying to figure out who your reader is after you’ve published it. The step-by-step formula doesn’t just work for books. It works for blogs, articles, and anything else you may need to write in the future. It’s the same formula I use with my upper-end clients who pay me several hundred dollars for a few hours of my time.

The Key To Your Dreams Is Just 8 Hours Away

In just 8 hours you can learn the steps to get from chapter one to done in less time than you ever thought possible. I’ll show you how to create a book that will attract just the right kind of people to help make your dreams a reality and how you can give them the content they need to make them excited about supporting you.

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About The Class

This live, online class is limited to just 20 students so that I can give everyone the time and attention they deserve. It will be held from 9 am to 6 pm MDT on Saturday, June 16th.

Each session will be just 45 minutes long with 15 minutes in between to allow for bathroom or snack breaks and a one-hour break from 1pm – 2 pm to allow for you to get lunch before class begins again.

By the time you leave my masterclass, you will have: 

  1. A single-page synopsis of your book idea in hand that you can then use to start promoting the book or to submit to a traditional publisher. This is something most writers dread writing, but after you take my class,  you’ll find them easy to create.
  2. A well-crafted outline of your book and tips on how to use that outline to make the most of 10-minute windows of writing opportunity to get your book done in less time than you thought possible.
  3. A downloadable copy of my upcoming book, Write Your Book, and a free copy of the paperbook version once it ships in July. 

Each session will be recorded and made available to students for two weeks after the class ends. At the end of that two weeks, access to those recordings will be made on a pay-per-session basis.

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About Author Brandy M. Miller

Over 42 Books Written and Dozens Published

Author and entrepreneur Brandy M. Miller teaches you her proprietary Universal Writing System that she uses to write any book in any genre fast. She’s used this technique to write 14 and publish 7 books of her own while helping dozens of authors get their books written and published at the same time.

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Class Schedule

What I’ll be covering in the class and why it matters.

9:00 AM

Session 1: Why People Buy

Understand why people buy so you will know how to write your book so your readers will buy it.


If you don’t know why they buy, you won’t know how to write your book so it will sell.


10:00 AM

Session 2: Develop Your Roadmap

Your readers want results. Develop your roadmap that will lead your readers from where they are to where they want to be by the end of the book.


Writing without a roadmap is like driving without a destination – how will you know when you’ve gotten where you want to be?


11:00 AM

Session 3: Introduce Your Characters

Discover the six universal characters that appear in every piece of writing – non-fiction, memoir, and fiction – and the roles they play in helping your reader get the results they desire.


Characters drive the story and the action in it. They bring the story you’re telling to life.

12:00 PM

Session 4: Build Your Outline

Create a basic outline that you can use to begin guiding your writing and promoting your book.


An outline gives you a place to start and the steps along the way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

2:00 PM

Session 5: Expand Your Outline

Take your original outline and expand on it. Flesh out more of the details so that when you begin writing, you don’t have to guess what should be written. You know.


There’s nothing more daunting than staring at a blank page. A detailed outline gives you direction.

3:00 PM

Session 6: Define Your Elements

Learn how to add and define the five essential story-telling elements to your book: time, action, settings, objects, events.


Time, actions, settings, objects, and events are all elements that add interest, move the story forward, and provide necessary information to help the reader understand what’s happening and why.

4:00 PM

Session 7: Add Your Details

Learn about mood, tone, lighting, dialogue, and pacing and their impact on the way the reader receives your story.


It’s the little things that add up to make a story – whether non-fiction, fiction, or memoir – compelling and ensures your reader keeps reading all the way through to the end.

5:00 PM

Session 8: Overcome Your Obstacles

Learn how to overcome the inevitable obstacles between you & your finished book.


Every writer faces challenges on the journey to becoming a published author. It’s not the challenges that make the difference but your choices in how you handle them.

The Masterclass


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  • One-on-One Story Consultation
  • Custom Market Research Report

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Write Your Book Masterclass

8 Hours of Instruction So You can Get Your Book From Chapter One to Done

  • 8 live, recorded sessions
  • Simple, proven techniques
  • Live instructor to guide you
  • Fun group and solo activities
  • Instructional workbook provided
  • FREE digital copy of Write Your Book for every participant



One-On-One Consultation

Get help getting your story out of your head and onto the page

  • 60 Minute Story Consultation
  • Recorded interview to help you capture your ideas
  • Use the interview in your marketing
  • Get advice to get unstuck
  • Makes writing easier
  • Build on the outline you created during the class



Customized Market Research Report

Give your book the best chance of success with a customized market research report

  • A list of the top 10 individuals who work in the space of your expertise
  • Reveals what they offer, what they charge for their offerings, and who they target
  • Identifies what is lacking from their offerings and programs
  • Compares your expertise and exposes the strengths you possess that they lack
  • Recommends a strategy based on this information